White Crane Gongfu

Hello all,

My name is Ron Goninan (師父的荣戈尼南) and I am based in Australia. I am seeking to link up with Taiwanese White Crane 白鶴拳 Gongfu stylists for the sake of promoting White Crane, exchanging resources and friendship.

My direct email is: baihe@bigpond.com

I would welcome hearing from anyone who can assist me in this aim.

師父的荣戈尼南 Shifu Ron Goninan

Chairman / Director


White Crane Research Institute

Shifu Degree - China

Member: YongChunYiYunWushu Society, China

Martial Arts Industry Association

Baihe~An Wushu Guan: 9 Short Street

Wellington. NSW. 2820


Ph/Fax (02) 68452846

Web Site: whitecranefist.com

Blog Site: whitecraneteahouse.blogspot.com/

Email: baihe@bigpond.com