White girls that don't speak Chinese...is dating impossible?

brasd, could it be that those white girls with gangsters are the part-timers who come to Taiwan, like the models, or the Russians/Ukrainians here who sometimes work in the “red light” industry?

OK, you’ve successfully established your sleaze credentials. Now you can stop trying so hard. :sunglasses:



All of you do realize that TV reporters trawl this site in search of stories, right? I think we should start a few threads devoted to our fine charity work.

But isn’t doing charity work in Taiwan illegal for ARC holders and tourists?

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Are you that creepy Dr guy who…


Reading that I remembered this classic: first 3 minutes


I do find Taiwanese men attractive

I’m assuming the fact that you need to state this means many Western women aren’t?

I am only here to read the comments :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait…you just made a comment.

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Ah, Jenny Agutter…cute as a button, and never shy about gettin’ 'em out for the lads (see American Werewolf in London :howyoudoin: ).

Of course, the true beauty of that clip is that, as everyone knows, had young Master York been free to follow his own personal proclivities, he would have chosen the first option.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course…

Procyonids and canids – you don’t have laws against that on your planet? (I’m not judging btw, just trying to get the facts straight…)

Please…I can feel your judgment all the way across the internet!

That’s just my tentacles radiating cosmic love, but it feels like judgement if you’re not ready for it. :heart: :astonished:


It takes a lot of love to make some people smile.

That is my smile. You should see my grimace.

Okay, I’m resisting the temptation to look up grimacing cow pictures because apparently there are some white ladies who don’t speak Chinese and want to know if dating is impossible… :whistle: