White girls that don't speak Chinese...is dating impossible?


I have notice that females that come to taiwan and stay long term are almost never from native English speaking countries. The American, Canadian and British and even SA girls I’ve met have all returned home. It’s usually European women, I notice many from places like France that stay. So maybe that’s why we don’t get many posters. Seems like there are significantly more guys from English speaking countries that stay

I think many guys also don’t plan to stay long term. But some settle down with some girl.


I have been to a few of the language exchanges and I can see how that could be the dual purpose. Tinder and Skout are different beasts of their own. Thanks for the replies !


Why western women find it difficult to date tw men… 孝. The men know their folks would never accept a western woman (yes I’m generalizing). We’re good for ons, and that’s about it. It is my understanding that we aren’t demure enough to integrate with their upbringing. 乾杯 to those that are more enlightened.


You actually brought up something I wanted to mention. What I’m about to say is also somewhat generalizing. But the common thought is that local men are lining up to be with western women but western women aren’t into Asian or local guys. And that local women are lining up to be with western men.

From many of my experiences, many local men would actually never seriously date western women. Especially men who are successful, and with family money. They see no value and their family see no value in dating a foreigner that doesn’t improve their status.

And many local Taiwanese girls with family money also feel the same and would laugh at the idea of dating an western men when they can get with a Taiwanese guy with money here. The concept of finding a strong American man to take them to America for a better life isn’t strong here.

But there are plenty of guys who are open minded so don’t give up OP. I myself am dating a foreign girl and absolutely love the sharing of culture and even learning her language.

Also no rush to be in a relationship. I never wanted to date a girl seriously until I was 24. I’m glad I waited. So many of my friends wasted so much time with girls they never ended up with while I had fun doing my own things.


A bit personal, but we talked about your ex husband. And you don’t have to answer it, but I’m wondering if since then have you been dating or at least going out with men. And if you go out with Taiwanese guys. I know you split your time between my two homes, taiwan and Texas.


Slept w tw men, but not dated. But that was 20 years ago. (I don’t wanna sound like Mr. Lin) as an 阿姨, even a fit one, I don’t find many interested. A man, a successful one (not rich, but has a steady job) can easily grab a woman 10 or 20 years younger than me. I do get hit on all the time by men my folks age! But after that last experience, I’m okay with taking a break for a while.
I joined a competitive axe-throwing league. I’ll surround myself with wannabe lumberjacks and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah. That’s completely understandable. Not sure I would recover from that for a while. At least you seem to be pretty interesting and go out and do some interesting hobbies moving on with your life. I think many people wouldn’t have handled it so well. I’m always interested in hearing about western women dating here. Some have found it really difficult and others love it here. But I guess dating has its difficulties everywhere.


Demure, like my mother-in-law?


I work with two British women who are married to Taiwanese men, and I am friends with two South African women who are married to Taiwanese men. They’ve all been here so long that one of the saffers is even fluent in Taiwanese. The Brits, somewhat predictably, can’t speak a lick. Actually, to be fair both of the saffers are now Taiwanese citizens.

I’d agree with what you have noticed in that significantly more guys from English speaking countries stay. More of them come in the first place, though.

EDIT: Thinking about it, over half of all the women from English speaking countries living in Taiwan I know well are married to Taiwanese men and half of those don’t speak Chinese. Extrapolate that and the OP has her answer.:grin:


It’s a funny bait-n-switch ain’t it?


Apparently, this is true for a lot of Taiwanese women too these days.Thus all the Vietnamese brides.


I also know couples who met on tinder. They aren’t from here though.

That said, I still find it extremely self-indulgent.


In what way?

I feel like it isn’t all that different than going out to meet people in real life. It may be more efficient.


Personally, I don’t think I need an app to meet people. Helpful, yes, not necessary.

Don’t call me cliche, but if you just say “yes” to invites, as uninterested as you are to the event, you’re bound to meet someone.


Definitely not necessary. But some people can be pretty busy. It takes some effort to go out constantly and meet people. And the guessing game of if she’s single and all that. I mean the app pretty much lets me go through as many girls looking for someone as fast as possible. And if you both like each other, it’s obvious as you match. Don’t get me wrong. I personally enjoy meeting a girl in person and get that magic spark and connect. But I feel like tinder and dating apps are definitely helpful in today’s dating world.

I mean the ability to not wear pants sittin on the couch at home watching Netflix and scoring a hot date is the future. Forget flying cars. This is way better




In the future, all you’ll need to do is plug in your Pleasuretron-5000 sex robot and wait for it to sync up with the porno you’re watching.


Don’t lie, you already have this.


I wish. I don’t have the big bucks required to be an early adopter. I’m gonna have to wait till the Walmart version comes out.



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