White girls that don't speak Chinese...is dating impossible?


Ahh, the future used to be so much better!


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You go girl!


I’ll give you a one nighter? But in the afternoon around 2pm in a Linsen North Road Hotel


You sure know how to woo.
Those bed bugs had better be dipped in chocolate


Actually those Linsen North Road hotels are good value. The TV screens are huge. I was just joking and I’m not even Taiwanese. Generally the men here are just not hunters. I’d definitely be targeting the white girls here if I was a few years younger. I have known a few white ladies to have relationships with Taiwanese men but they usually tend to be gangsters, drug dealers etc.


The white ladies? :laughing:


both ways, especially that lass from Liverpool. I tried with her a few times but she was more interested in meth than me. .


What kind of people are you hanging out with?

I see whites women in Taiwan with normal Taiwanese guys all the time. Most foreign women that stay here long term usually end up with a Taiwanese guy just like the guys that come here. If you like Taiwan enough to stay here long term, most find taiwanese bf/gf husbands and wives.


brasd, could it be that those white girls with gangsters are the part-timers who come to Taiwan, like the models, or the Russians/Ukrainians here who sometimes work in the “red light” industry?


OK, you’ve successfully established your sleaze credentials. Now you can stop trying so hard. :sunglasses:




All of you do realize that TV reporters trawl this site in search of stories, right? I think we should start a few threads devoted to our fine charity work.


But isn’t doing charity work in Taiwan illegal for ARC holders and tourists?



Are you that creepy Dr guy who…




Reading that I remembered this classic: first 3 minutes


I do find Taiwanese men attractive

I’m assuming the fact that you need to state this means many Western women aren’t?