White House makes good on bet

Sorry to my American brethren…I could not resist. Pretty humorous picture too.

Gibbs pays up on Olympic hockey bet

[quote]When it comes to the 2010 Winter Olympics, you can’t say Robert Gibbs doesn’t make good on his word.

The White House press secretary paid up on his end of a bet with Dimitri Soudas, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman, by wearing a Team Canada hockey jersey at the start of his press briefing Friday.

The two spokesmen bet on the Olympic men’s hockey gold-medal game. Sidney Crosby scored in overtime to give Canada a 3-2 win over the United States.

“Somewhere several hundred miles north, [Soudas is] laughing,” Gibbs told reporters.

The Canada jersey sported the No. 39 – the same number American goalie Ryan Miller wore in the Olympics. Moments after he took the podium, Gibbs took off the Team Canada jersey to reveal a Team USA sweater.

Harper and President Obama also made a bet around the game: a case of beer. Gibbs told reporters Friday that he ordered cases of Yuengling (from Pennsylvania) and Molson (from Canada) for the prime minister.

What? No Guinness?[/quote]

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