White people cop an attitude

i noticed all you white people try your best in tw to avoid contact with me, i think i know why Im tall handsome and not a total nerd or im not old and havent started to bald yet and im not trying to hold on to my youth with a flashy hawain shirt… but anyways I think I will start yelling boo at you each time i see you

Ahh. a throll. Any takers? …or should we just get rid of it.


lol…he’s not a troll…^^



Post a picture of yourself and if I see you I will make every effort to run up to you and say “BOO BACK!”

The reason I dont say hello is because you might shoot or stab me.

And a big one at that. white people avoiding afro-american(?) people in Taiwan. The only afro-american person I have talked to here in Taiwan is a regular poster here.

Trolls are so short, I often overlook them. Then, if you want to say hello, you have to pick them up. And I’m afraid they might eat my billygoats.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

:lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote]
Alien, I think there must be some North American cultural baggage that goes along with Hawaiian shirts that I’m unaware of. What do you have against them? The bright colours and flower and palm tree pictures make me happy.

Hey wait a minute!!! Don’t start on us Black folks because,this individual has’nt stated his race as of yet so,don’t go assuming what color he is!

The world has a lot of people of color ya know.He could be a Hindu Indian, possibly an American Indian for that matter.Hell,they’re pretty good looking to!I don’t know about conceited but,a good looking group.
This person may even be an Australian Aborigine for all we know! I mean all of us don’t like you people but,not all of us always tell you as much! :laughing: :laughing: (I’ve been waiting for a thread like this)

Don’t always assume it’s my peeps starting trouble there"Mr He!"you Klansman! :laughing: :laughing:

He’s probably asian. Asians are the best looking guys in the world. :smiley:

Sorry bubba, if you don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt, you’re not worth a second glance.

Did someone say attractive man? I’ve been staring at you… it’s YOU who hasn’t noticed me, hot stuff. grrrrrrr.

you are killing me, i did not state what race I am, but JeffG no pictures for you… nope… I feel so bad… getting called a troll ouch bang stop… the pit of jokes by someone who is in love with CS lewis… i have no problem with black people here, they are nice… and oh yea to let you know… I am white like a beautiful angel from heaven.

Incidentally Angels being white in color is another tool of the Whiteman to make everybody else feel inferior just like the cowboy with the “white hat,” “The Black Knight” is the bad guy." "The Black sheep in the family"etc.

So,bad analogy and,dumb ass joke too…

Don’t you know that white is beautiful? What is wrong with you?

All right then, someone with a skin color darker than ghost white.

I don’t give a flying fudge what color skin getshotstabbed has… I think his point is that white people here have an attitude. And the question would be… why? GSS: While I may not care, it probably still plays a big part in the way people are interacting with you. If you are white, then maybe it’s because the white people you run into feel competitive, or are just here to meet locals, or… If you are black, then maybe it’s something more than that. If you are Asian/Eurasian/Asian-American (etc. etc.) then it’s truly confusing. Maybe they take one look at you and think “poser”??

I think you should also take gender into consideration. If you are straight, and it’s white women who pay no attention to you, maybe they are attracted to Asian men (which would fit, considering we ARE in Asia). And in what situations do you usually get ignored? Professionally? In bars? On the street? Are you carrying weaponry when people look away? (okay that was a joke.)

Um… just some rambling, but I think it makes sense. So do you wanna spill and get some opinions, or do you want to just continue the tantrum by throwing out some more flicka-style rhetorical questions which don’t need to be answered?

As for me, I am in that stage of culture shock that is getting me frustrated by the attention paid me because of my skin color…if I ignore you, its me saying that seeing a foreigner in Taiwan is not a big deal…I don’t say hi to anyone that doesn’t make a prolonged effort at eye contact with me…chinese, white, whatever…and if an FOB wants help, I am there…maybe GSS is just feeling his own culture shock level and expressing himself in a cocksure way, which, if taken with the humour all trolls should be intentioned with, fits in nicely with the brave bulls that populate our little community.

Welcome aboard Troll GSS…please don’t sneak up and “BOO” me…