White sand on my floor

Last August when one of the many typhoons hit Taipei, my balcony flooded and poored into my living room. After drying out and pitching my area rugs, my grey tiles (which I think are some kind of marble) are covered with fine, white sand. I don’t think it is mold because I have mopped serveral times with bleach and it hasn’t made a difference. When I sweep it up, it definately looks like some kind of white dust or sand. After I mop, it takes about 24 hours for the sand to begin to come back up again. Is it coming from the foundation under the tile or the tile itself?

It is more of a nuisance than a health factor. I just have to mop my entire first floor every couple of days so I won’t track the sand around everywhere and onto the new rugs.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions?

Some mutant version of wall cancer??? :s

  1. Roll up a NT note
  2. Place rolled up note in nostril
  3. Inhale white powder
  4. Relax

Could be the grout used between the tile was degraded by the rain water and is coming loose.

Try candle wax.

I had that problem once with an apartment with a long history (unbeknownst to me prior to moving in) of leaking. The sand/dust originated from the concrete foundation underneath the tiles and were spewing up through the holes in the joints in between tiles. I found a few larger