Whiteumenta-white man film festival in Taiwan

Can’t figure this one out. A film festival celebrating whiteness or something but made by Taiwanese? I’m confused. Website in both Chinese and English.



I don’t understand.

Something that purports to celebrate whiteness wouldn’t be aloud to exist in a “white” country anyway, but my impression from a quick look at the website it looks like it’s more something to do with racism

The premise is entirely built up around the far left wonk thought of identity politics.

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I’m not getting this at all.

Is it something clever clever like postmodernist or something?

So bored of this shit


There are like twelve white people in Taiwan, how is this a relevant discussion here ?


“One great privilege of “whiteness” is its exemption from racial categorization.”



Read through their manifesto, and it’s the typical postmodernist, identity politics drivel…really the last thing in the world Taiwan needs. Also pretty funny that people in an Asian ethnostate like Taiwan don’t see the irony in adopting this claptrap.


because fuck drumpf and fuck wypipo

It’s not regretted or accepted it is being viewed with curiosity, in the sense it might provide leverage, but they wouldn’t commit and perhaps need to deal with backlash.

The lefts flirtation with Islam is much the same, they know there is animosity to Israel, but kind of turn a blind eye while they welcome them into the fold. Got to weigh up general overall support for your cause against morals. Well, gee, guess which side of the fence the Libs have chosen.

It would be a pretty neat trick for Taiwanese to see white men as “the oppressor,” considering that it’s largely due to the efforts of white men that Taiwan still exists as a country. It’s also pretty hard to explain how Asians as a group are more successful than whites in the U.S. from a white privilege angle.


It’s just bollocks, isn’t it? Doesn’t require any analysis.

Well you are trying to rationalize something which is not understood, it’s becoming clear, they don’t understand what they are saying themselves, it makes sense from an observers view to stand back and look at this dumpster fire with curiosity.

True. I guess what worries me is what will happen as these postmodernist and socialist ideas creep into Taiwanese politics, as is beginning to happen with the New Power Party and more left-wing factions of the DPP.

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Indeed. Brian Hioe’s writing is an endless stream of this utter brain rot.

All served up like it’s breathtakingly original too. . .

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Our main assumption is that a thing exists which we may call “the white man.” This thing, be it physical, metaphysical, cultural, or social, remains at the pinnacle of a centuries old and still dominant, international racial hierarchy. The notion of the “white man” is fundamental to the organization of the modern world.

One great privilege of “whiteness” is its exemption from racial categorization. In other words, “white people” are pure human beings – the standard bearers of humanity – whereas, those of us who cannot pass for white are marked by color, by race, by culture. As the purest form of humanity, the white person, or more precisely, the white man can exemplify and promote universal human values. The non-white may only represent the interests of a locale, a race, or an ethnicity.

Our aim is not to denigrate the white man, or even look down upon the view of “white genocide” – the white nationalist theory that they, white people, are being overwhelmed by the darker races and so are disappearing from the face of the earth. In fact, our aim is to celebrate the white man. The existence of this very festival attests to its importance as an object of study and interpretation. If the white man is modernity, what does post-modernity look like? Like now?

And the films being shown include Der ewige Jude, something about Max Headroom, and Bumfights, vol. 1: A Cause for Concern (you don’t say).

12 mysterious white people, planning to over throw the native population and enslave it to work the betel nut fields.

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I never saw “bum fights” is it worth a watch ?

Melissa Rooney

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June 19, 2018

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This film is disgusting. Amazon should not allow it to
Be sold.

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