Whiteumenta-white man film festival in Taiwan

Amazon bans almost nothing. If it’s depressing I’ll give it a miss.

I dont get it. What does homeless people fighting have to do with anything? I’m just not understanding the concept.

Wtf is this?


I think that will sell tickets that’s why

150NT to watch something off youtube.

I never saw any of them either, and Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t assign it a score.

BTW, I was under the mistaken impression that Bumfights, vol. 1: Cause for Concern was some kind of critique of Bumfights. No–Cause for Concern is the actual name of vol. 1 of Bumfights. I swear, I can’t tell if the festival organizers are showing this shit in order to criticize white people, or if it is secretly curated by a bunch of frat boys.

Well, I’ve already bought tickets. I hope I’ll be seeing you guys there. I know I won’t since forumosa is an alt-right racist hellhole, or so taiwan Reddit tells me.

WOKE :muscle:t4:
Attached are some powerful images. They will really make you reflect on your awful white privileged lives. Checkmate racists. :astonished:

image image image image image image

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I’m intrigued by American influence on East Asian foreskins.

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American influence

HMMMM, idk about that…

There is an interesting conversation to be had in North America about White being considered the norm and everyone else the ‘other’. I get that and we should be empathetic of others

But Taiwan? How is the white man the standard in Taiwan? Taiwanese people dont think that way.

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Yet. Someone has to teach them, right?


How is English the standard?

It’s not ?

If you were speaking an alien language, browsing an internet dominated by alien websites (and cinema etc.), paying extra for your kids’ alien language lessons taught by green people, competing to get your kids into prestigious extraplanetary schools, reading reports in Apple Daily about “alien sausage” and so on, and constantly bombarded by ads for skin greening, would you be surprised if someone organized a “Greenumenta” festival?


Are there some missing brackets?

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There’s always been a strong current of bash whitey in academia, seems to me. Just a new flavor

Personally I’d be more concerned that people might come on here and figure that all white men are assholes…

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You don’t have to conform to green alien culture.

White people having influence in Asia is just diversity mister YYY and that’s a beautiful thing. We need to embrace diversity from all walks of life, alien or other. We can’t throw anti anything festivals that go against the beauty that is multiculturalism and diversity. Everything you listed in your post is a great thing for Taiwan and we can’t reject it or else people will call us racists. I for one wouldn’t like that very much. :heart_eyes:

We need to see more white people in positions of power in Taiwan. Taiwan is seriously lacking in diversity :frowning_face:. We have already made great progress with the legalization gay mariage, but we still have along way to go when it comes to being more progressive. Multiculturalism is SERIOUSLY lacking in taiwan. It makes makes me sad to see such a homogeneous culture, especially being from Vancouver and seeing how great it is there.

We have lots of hard work ahead of us, but I’m sure us white poeple will be able to help out taiwan with their multiculturalism problem. We will bring Taiwan the diversity that it desperately need.



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This picture is the future of Taiwan, and that’s a good thing.
#beautiful #beyonce #embracediversitytaiwan #racistbegone

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