Who are you watching (TV)?

I do see alot of threads dedicated to individual shows. I’ve also read some talk on who folksumosans feel are the most interesting characters on TV.

I’ve watched Dexter and must say that the last couple of episodes really wrapped up :smiling_imp: the character for me. I was disappointed that the writers let us know that the other killer was who he was (see, no spoiler) almost immediately after introducing him. But that did add a great deal of suspense while allowing us to gain the insight we needed to glimpse what makes a guy like Dex click. Was really happy to see him JuKungKwanDoNinja the black cop’s ass so handily in that scene in the freight yard. Bravo Showtime.

Showtime of course also can boast the pot-selling suburban Mom in it’s hit show Weeds. If not one of the most interesting characters to watch, easily the most interesting female character.

That said, Robin Weigert’s Calamity Jane in HBO’s Deadwood pricks up my ears everytime she comes on screen. And as great as she is, she merely blends into a stellar cast of infinitely interesting characters. Deadwood is a rich tapestry of fascination and I for one am really hoping for a 4th season.

So, if we are considering interesting characters, we must include

Al Swearengen, who easily steals this allstar show with his Iago-easque manipuation of the town of Deadwood. Particularly compelling are his “blowjobolgues”. Excellent stuff.

The real life Swearengen met his demise jumping a train in Chicago.

We’d have to also consider Gerald McRaney’s George Hearst. All good heroes need a supervillain and Hearst has the coldest, blackest heart of all. Just look at those eyes.

Of course HBO’s Rome is now underway with it’s second season, showing us once again that it’s not all orgies and bathhouses on the Aventine. Our warrior heroes above have to be included on any Most Watchable list.

And here’s the twist. As big a fan as I am of cable over network when it comes to overall production value, network is handing cable it’s hat in the character development department.

to whit:

or how about this guy?

:laughing: :laughing:

While all the above are fascinating. talented actors working at the top of their game, there is one guy on television that is in a class of his own. With his own self as his greatest foe Greg House, MD, as portrayed by British comedic legend Hugh Laurie walks away with the big prize. No one has ever come close to the work he is doing on the (not so) small screen. He battles his own need for truth at all costs, relying on his brilliance and a bottle of vicadin to get him thru the day, leaving in his wake a frustrated array of co-workers, patients, cops, judges and hospital administrators. I am not one for hospital dramas, which makes this review all the more honest (House would like that). Hugh Laurie’s Greg House,

the most interesting character on television since

So what do you think? Have I missed one?

A few new shows have been recommended to me and are d/ling as I write.

The Black Donnellys (2 epis)
Sarah Silverman (6 epis)
How I met your Mother (1.75 seasons)
Riches (not released yet)

I’ll post more about them after I watch them.

Boston Legal is all time favorite. Alan Shore is beyond brilliant.
Grey’s Anatomy is another good one…Men in Trees… Bad Girls (UK), Criminal Minds, and of course, the L word (although it’s getting increasingly lame).

I agree with the OP about Weeds, but there won’t be any new shows until summer so I’m trying not to jones for it.

Desperate Housewives has a variety of interesting and good female characters, and they are grouped together very well, so I enjoy that.

Another thing I will be watching shortly: Big Love from HBO - it’s by far one of the most unusual things on TV with its focus on a multiple marriage in Utah from a splittist Mormon group. Looking forward to the second season.

When and where are these shows on? Or are you guys getting them through other means that we’re not allowed to talk about?

I’ve seen a bit of Deadwood; I really like the dialogues and the characters who use them. And the production is great. Problem is, I never seem to be around when it’s on and i never pay attention.

[quote=“canucktyuktuk”]When and where are these shows on? Or are you guys getting them through other means that we’re not allowed to talk about?


When: Whenever I want them to be.

Where: On my flatscreen TV as it performs in Computer Monitor function.

And for your final question, I believe that is still the case, yes. We are not allowed to talk about it. And “IT” is definately where I am getting these shows.

I also keep them archived, so if you want to do any swapping, I have pretty much everything there is to have.

PM me.