Who can explain this visa category?

From the website of the Taiwan trade office in the USA:

[quote]Requirements For Joint-Family Resident Visas(for Taiwanese Americans only)
Passport (Valid for at least six months)
Completed Visa Application Form
Two passport-sized photos (color, showing the front of the face)
Original and copies of documents related to marriage (must be authenticated by an ROC representative office stationed abroad)
Household registration documents issued by a Taiwan regional administration within the last three months (this must have the original name of the spouse and indicate the original nationality)
Proof of Non-criminal Record issued by a police station from the home country (must be notarized by a notary public and certified by TECO)
Health Certificate (must be signed by a doctor, notarized by a notary public and certified by TECO)
Fees: Money order for US $160.00 per person payable to TECO[/quote]

Can anybody explain to me what situation this provision is meant to cover–i.e., what sort of person would apply for this visa (beyond the curious stipulation that they must be Taiwanese American)? Thank you!

Um, probably Taiwanese Americans who have married back into a Taiwan family and want to live in Taiwan but have no Taiwan passport?