Who can help with these dumb school questions?

Wife had an exam today and she thinks she missed these questions.

who can make sense of them?

High school math

yes whats the answers? I admit i didnt bother to read em.

First one:

25 values, already ordered ascending, nearest rank method

P60, so 60/100*25 (no of values) = 15

The 15th value is your 60th percentile, 60% of values are below. The 15th value in the list is 26.


You’re a clever bloke. I had no idea about any of the answers. But then again, the last time I had to use such math was 38 years ago. :crazy_face:

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1, 2, 4 seem OK to me. #3 I think she rounded 0.8095 incorrectly.


:rofl: Naaaa really not. Don’t get why @tommy525’s screenshot shows it as wrong. Not so clever after all.

Wait, so these 4 answers were already marked as wrong? Hmm, now I’m feeling even dumber than usual…

#3 (exam numbering) If they defined percentile as > and not >=, then it would be 28.
I’m very curious about #6 and 9.

Wouldn’t it be 27? So that 60% of the values are below (including 26) and 40% of the values are above (including 28).

As in, the median of [10,12] would be 11, not 10.

Question 6 & 9 I would have given the same answer. Maybe their rounding system is just effy. Or maybe…


I’m drinking gin


I feel you. Math makes my brain hurt.


Yeah, might be!

Also figured out one thing: In the 2nd pic (question #6) the result is correct if you round the end result (what I would do). But if you round the probability for 0 and 1 first to 3 digits and then add them up the end result changes. Maybe that’s what they were going for.

I’m on Scotch. Math hurts me nearly as much as the numerous canings I got at school.


You loved them really

Well, there was a stigma to it. Every time I got six of the best, there would be a crowd of fawning gawpers outside the headmaster’s office. watching me walk out with a smile on my face. And every new time, the prick tried to lash me harder. Broke a few canes in the process. But he never broke me.


I think she said she missed one of these and got a B instead of an A or she missed these 4 and got a B

Something like that
Will have to ask her tomorrow
Off to snooze with me as it’s almost 1am here

Question 6 looks right.
Case 1: How many ways can you get zero correct answers? One way: they are all wrong. So (0.5)^6
Case 2: How many ways can you get one correct answer? Six ways. So 6*(0.5)^6.
So add these cases together, and the answer is 7*(0.5)^6 = 0.109375
(* means multiplication)

So she got all of the 4 wrong.