Who can ID this giant mutant bug

The thing came with a huge-ass stinger and was loitering in my front lawn:



tarantula hawk?

Holy mother of @$#%! That is called, its time to pack up and move far, far away!

Where do you live, and how I can I stay far away from there?


Looks like a wasp

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I would say it’s a cazador. Simply do as @SuiGeneris suggested.


I’m having New Vegas flashbacks…

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Sounds right

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? Googled it, no real pic

New or Las

@tempogain Why do you think its that over

A cazador is a mutated insect that roams the post-nuclear-war Mojave in Bethesda Softworks’ “Fallout: New Vegas”. It’s purpose is to fuck the Player’s shit Up.

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My guess is a hummingbird moth…

Then this discussion should be under the topic “Birds of Taiwan”

LOL! Was just about to say I killed something similar this weekend…on Fallout 4.

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Jumangi. It is one of those things. Someone rolled the dice nearby.

RIP robin williams.

Did ya see the new the rock one

I haven’t. But I heard the new one is actually funnier. I never cared for the original. And that mid 90s CGI is quite painful to look at now.