Who can translate court documents (Zain dean case)?

one of our many legally inclined Forumosans please lend me a hand:

Any ideas where/how to easily get ROC court documents translated from Chinese to English? Doesn’t need to be an “as close as possible to legally binding” perfect translation, but should be correct enough to understand clearly what are the facts, proof, etc.

This is the document of my main interest:
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 3#p1450033

The background is simple: There is this infamous hit-and-run case being discussed ad nauseam on Forumosa. Since I am interested to know more about the court point of view, and what kind of evidence was really available, I’d love to know what those available court documents really say - my Chinese is aeons away from any level fit for understanding that stuff, online translation is more than shitty, and my wife is not patient enough to go through the whole text. If it’s not costing an arm and a leg then I’d be willing to pay some money (in any internet compatible way, since I am not in Taiwan right now) just to satisfy my curiosity.

This would be the second most interesting document:
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 7#p1285397

Both are around 20K characters. i don’t think a word by word translation is necessary, as long as one can understand the details.

After looking around a bit more for general translation options, I think a useful summary of the first document (2nd trial) could be around 5000 words. I would be willing to spend 200€ (~8000 NT) by Paypal, or other internet compatible ways, for getting this translated. If any forumosan would like to have a go, please post here. Thanks!

If maybe a collaboration of several people would like to go at that, I could get a etherpad or other collaborative web based way of creating this set up.

Newbie here but I read this forum from time to time. I also paid close attention to ZD’s case and its coverage in local media.

If you are not looking for verbatim (legal) translation, as a native speaker of Mandarin, I might be able to give you a hand.

I can translate the key info in layman’s terms from this court document: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 3#p1450033

  1. Court’s ruling;
  2. Timeline of the event;
  3. Factual evidence.

If it’s acceptable to you, PM me so we can discuss in more details about the format, deadline, your expectation, my credentials, and payment arrangement. Thanks!

I am in touch with a few Forumosans as well as several other translators. So far at least two people seem both interested and capable, so I guess this will work out soon.

If anyone wants to track the progress of the translation, I will keep it updated in this EtherPad:

taiwan.piratenpad.de/ep/pad/vie … hnY/latest

So far there are only small bits translated, since I didn’t award the translation yet (planning to do so tomorrow). If anyone is interested in copy-editing, correcting etc., please let me know by PM, then I can set you up an account (I need a name and an email address for that).

Translation is being done by a law student working on her Ph.D.

Progress will be visible here: taiwan.piratenpad.de/ep/pad/vie … hnY/latest