Who can use old business cards?

Seriously, I have between approximately 7 and 8 billion fuckin boxes of out-of-date business cards.
Anyone who can really use them, for classroom shit, or what have you, PM me or I’ll just fuckin recycle the cocksuckers.
Thanks in advance.

God, your language is appalling. I can hardly bear to read!
Anyway, with a smiley face like the one in your sig, it seems strange that you can’t find a use for old business cards.

How the fuck do you fuckin recycle a fuckin business card fer fuck’s sake?

Theres a fuckin’ religous crazy-ass zealot who walks around Vancouver and writes “Repent Sinner” on little pieces of paper and leaves them every fucking where. You could send the cocksuckers to that bastard.

If the rat bastards were’t printed on one side I would take them and use them for fuckin’ flashcards.


ahhh, the chief sure is [color=red]

who knows… he might even return emails or phone calls soon. :noway:

How much ink on them? I could use them, but I don’t like too much ink on my roaches.


Couldn’t you run across the roof tops of Taipei throwing them like ninja stars? That’s what I would do.