Who designs these urinals?

As a male, I’ve probably accidentally seen more male dickage than if I were born a straight girl that worked the red light corner - just in my time in Taiwan. It’s a shame I’m a straight dude.

There’s always no walls, shoulder-to-shoulder width, and seemingly made for dwarven folk. Then for fancier places, it’s exactly the same except mirrors everywhere that perfectly reflects all angles no matter where you look. This gets esp awkward when you go in with someone you know.

Thus leaving the questions… who the heck designs these? Wtf? :joy:


Lean into it. They are all jealous of your Western dong. Japan is worse. If you haven’t seen at least three cocks during your day you’ve not left the house.

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One thing you forgot to mention: they flush on approach!


Yes always wait and step back before pulling out the dick.

Not a fan of an impromptu dick spritz? Each to their own.

I must never go to wherever it is that you go because I rarely find urinals that don’t have at least some kind of divider between them. And I myself have never noticed mirrors that reflect anything private. Maybe I’m just not observant? :man_shrugging:

However, I’d gladly trade urinal screens for stalls without bins full of shitty toilet paper. The cleaning aunties must have steel-lined stomachs because those bins make me want to puke.


are cleaning right beside you when you try to hit the bull’s eye, which occasionally can be a :frog:.

I took this picture in China in a fairly fancy bar, where they’d inexplicably installed mirrors on five of the six walls surrounding the squat toilet. It wasn’t a communal bathroom, fortunately, but it still seemed a bit unnecessary.


These only exist because of a misconception (similar to why chicken leg is favored instead of breast, but I digress). It’s not that the “tubes are small in Taiwan”; it’s the same size as everywhere else. It’s just that cheap toilet paper (that won’t dissolve) won’t flush and that’s literally it.

The entire reason we see “special boxes” is to allow for cheap TP - usually just “tissue” rather than actual TP, which is generally 1/4 ply anyway.

Then if almost everyone is right handed, why do they put the poop boxes on the left? You have to whoosh the poop across your face to throw it in there.

Then it’s in this foot raising thing. How the hell do you effectively open that while sitting down like that? :joy: Then when you open and close it, you get a nuclear cloud of strangers rotting poop whiff into your face in a gust of wind.

Oh man. And then the average stall doesn’t even HAVE toilet paper. Have to either remember or prepare to brown-hand it.

(Edit: In case you were curious, everyone has a canned reply that “chicken breast is dry”; but that’s only if you boil it and don’t tenderize it with a good beating. Slightly NSFW, but the dry part is like sex - you’d think a shower would be great, but parts oddly get dryer with water.)


I am right-handed, but I have almost never used my right hand to get into the butt crack.

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I was going to say … there’s a reason plenty of cultures don’t use the left hand when eating. Left is for a different purpose. I’m not sure when I picked this up, but for many years now (maybe always?) this particular chore has been exclusively left-handed for me.

I remember once hurting my left arm and needing to use my right, and it wasn’t as bad as trying to write left-handed, but it felt similarly awkward.

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Thats my deal! And they have not worked out waterflow and splashing yet…wtf?

I always look forward, never see dicks while peeing. I think if a guy is seeing cock every pee it is because he has made an effort to look sideways. No judgement.

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If its private those angles may indeed be useful.

For me the most shocking was in thailand in those places where guys come up to you and massage you at the urinal. And in a completely non sexual way. Same guys that pass you towels and soap. That creeped the absolute F outta me!

I lived in Thailand for a bit and that never once happened to me. But, like you say:



Lol. Fair enough. I went to 2 outdoor bar/restaraunt/live music type places with customers and that happened. the concierge wore a white suite and everything. Shoulder rub while standing to pee. One of the places was with the customers family from the states for a wedding . They were all equally as shocked as i was . His thai wife said its only in the mens, not the ladies. Makes sense. They said it was common.

Please…tell me it is common…g’dammit. Bangkok if it makes a difference.

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You are sure this bloke worked there yeah?

This sounds really awkward. I’m quite sure it would totally put me off.

I can see why this would be difficult in a cubicle. Maybe at the Thai ladies’ urinals though?

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??? Where did you get that from?
I am left handed, have always been proud of being left handed and I am not going to change that. I have visited 48 countries, have never had problems because of eating with my left hand.

Hey, do what you want! I’m not at all saying what you should do - and increased accepted of left-handedness should perhaps count as a significant civil rights advance of the past century, although I don’t think I’ve seen it referred to in that way.

But … in all those countries, haven’t any of them been ones where there’s a cultural preference for the right hand when eating, often because the left is traditionally used for wiping? Like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, or much of the Muslim-Arab world?

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I don’t care which hand people use either, but it seems an odd thing to be “proud” about…