Who do you miss?

He got really into Youtube for a while and I think was basically just too busy. I was getting occasional gmail chats and emails for a while but even those have dried up - maybe I am partly to blame!

Anyway just in case he’s lurking - we miss ya Miltownkid!

Rascal and Buttercup seem to be missing.

Rascal and Buttercup seemed to enjoy posting here, but I think sometimes people wind up juggling more things than they can comfortably juggle, so they’re compelled to give up one or more juggled items. I’m not saying that I know that’s what happened in Rascal’s and Buttercup’s cases, I’m just speculating.

I don’t think that sort of thing has happened to me in quite a while (I’ve been allowed to stay pretty lazy lately, knock wood), but I remember a time when it happened. I remember thinking, “Maybe people like me are not supposed to be this busy.” If there had been a Forumosa 'way back then, I might have had to take a break from it for a while.

I’m missing mimicupcake…strangely…and TomHill And BC, come back in the game…we know the Londons are an interesting place but you guys are boring yourself silly :smiley:

Tom Hill is busy acing his studies - lats I heard he pulled like an 8million percent for some paper on how people’s heads work - I think the man was studying us all the time…scary?

Thats good cuz I never could figure out how his worked :slight_smile: