Who has 4WD in Taiwan and how much do you use it?

If my family and I decide to move to the center or south of the island next year I’d like to get a 4WD. But I’m trying to figure out how much I’d actually use it.

I wouldn’t get one unless I had reason to use it pretty much every weekend so I’m wondering - who on here has owned or owns a 4WD in Taiwan? Where and when do you actually use it?

Are there any good light trails in Taiwan that require 4WD?

I’m trying to decide if I can justify getting one of those sweet Delica 4WD’s or if I should just get one of those boring 2WD Surfs. Fuel economy and cost of parts should be similar but I’m aware that 4WD’s have their own set of additional expenses.

Thanks for any input!

The 4WD Delica certainly looks a fun truck, and the newer models are based on the Pajero chassis and so should be able to tackle pretty much anything a Pajero can.

Loads of beach fishermen use older Delicas – with a suspension lift and reasonably wide tires they handle sand well. These third generation Delicas from the mid-80s achieved almost cult status in Taiwan and many of them are still running strong. Great if you like that Scoobydoo truck shape.

Other options for an affordable, customizable and capable offoader are a Pajero, Wrangler or Rodeo (I and at least one other Forumosan has a Rodeo) but all of them are major gas guzzlers and parts are expensive and/or hard to get.

One of the great things about Taiwan is that environmental awareness is almost non-existent and you can drive pretty much anywhere that hasn’t been fenced off.

I bought a 4wd version of the Honda CRV in '05 after buying a weekend get-away for the family. A persimmon orchard in the hills with a house on it, up a steep/rugged/narrow 3k farm road. Opted for 4wd more as an insurance policy if caught in an extreme situation (rain, mudslides, mossy concrete). I really don’t know how often (if ever) it’s kicked in. Aside from the CRV 2.0 being pretty gutless, I don’t have any other complaints on it’s capabilities on farm roads as a family wagon.

Yeah we were originally looking at the CRV but we are trying to keep our budget at 300,000 or less and besides I really want a manual tranmission. Automatics take all the joy out of driving for me.

Loved every second of the ten years I owned it…Great ride.

I used to have a '90 Isuzu Trooper II and had a lot of fun with it, it was better than my cousin’s FJ40 in the snow but on the trail…well lets just forget about that hahah (one of the locking hubs literally fell apart). I do miss driving it though and I’m looking for another truck with a 5-speed.

What kind of situations have you used 4WD in your Rodeo? Do you know some good scenic areas with rough roads to play on?