Who has guppies? Population Control

I have a tiny little tank (10 gallons) with guppies.
Originally, I only got male guppies because I did not want to have problems with population control.
However, I could not stand the chasing/fin nipping behaviour. One literally killed another by constantly chasing it and biting its fins.
So, I got them the ladies and now it’s all happiness and harmony.
However, I do have the population control problem now. People told me that in America the pet stores will take babies but here it’s no deal. ONE PET STORE TOLD ME TO PUT THEM IN THE RIVER. A STORE THAT SELLS FISH. TOLD. ME. THAT.
The adults do eat the fry but with every drop about 2 or so survive. Right now, I have 20 which is already too much.
Anybody who keeps guppies have any advice on population control?
I had a betta in there which worked but the betta got too stressed. They’re not happy in such a busy tank.

get rid of males maybe? or switch species. i think if many babies is not what you want, guppies might not be the best choice.

lots of things will eat them, but then you need to deal with them. you could get some kind of crawfish like thing they always sell here. some say they dont eat fish, but they do.

remove the ugly ones. you can play with the look of your adults by removing all those adult fish with traits you don’t like.

remove: then fry in an omelette, or add to cabbage in the wok, or even cook up with some nice shan tsai, with fermented black beans, thos litle round seedy things, a chili or two, and lots of garlic.

I do have some ugly ones.
I bought all black and silver guppies that were all in the same tank, but the fry turned into all the colors of the rainbow!

A lot of breeders do cull excess ones. They feel it is humane because if you have too many in the tank, they will die anyways. However, I can’t do that. I don’t mind if the fry get eaten by other fish because that is natural and the fish do need live food to be healthy, but I can’t kill them. Some people “donate” their fry to friends with bigger fish who need feeder fish.

Maintaining a healthy fish tank is bloody hard work! Maybe I can feed them to Ozzy! :hungry:

well then, add a bigger predator fish… maybe a cichlid or an Oscar ( but the tank is too small). In a tiny tank you simply have to get rid of the exces fish… it’s not at all a natural environment, so you must control it yourself.

a single male paradise fish might do better than a betta as per fin nipping and it should eat up a lot of babies. no go once they grow, as 10 gals limits you.

or if you see any water buckets people use outside of their farms/gardens, could add them to those, helps reduce mosquitoes.