Who here would?

A little off topic but I wonder if Richard Gere would suit up for Tibet? After all, Tibet is far more ‘cool’ and fashionable than the Taiwan cause…

Toe Save wrote:

[quote][quote]Almas john wrote:
Dutch Courage
[/quote]what’s that now?[/quote]

Dutch Courage = bravery that comes from the bottle (i.e. alcohol)

[quote][quote]almas john wrote:
the turps
[/quote]Again, the what? [/quote]

turps = a liquid used as a paint thinner, solvent, = cheap booze

I’m with IronLady.

I’d be trying to get the friends I have made here out as well, as I’m sure over half would want to leave.

Ha! Be in a brigade with Fred Smith or some of you others? No way. I’ll conduct my own independent guerilla action, thank you. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself…

Besides, the other poster was right. If Chinese troops make it here, the mainlanders will all go over to the Dark Side (the question for me is what will the Dark Side do with them? Probably shoot the lot of them) and most of the officer corps will throw in their lot with the Chinese.

[quote=“Bassman”][quote=“Bassman”]"Toe Save[quote=“Bassman”]Which side would we sign up for?

I always like to be on the winning team.

Just kidding.

Or ironically rhetorical? U Blue ain’t you?


Blue, Green, what does it matter, I can’T VOTE!!![/quote]

Sure you can…just click one of the options above.

It’s not about voting BM…its about fighting. Would you fight or flight? As a family man, you are right that blue/green doesn’t matter…personally, I’d think you less of a man if you stayed and fought. Family first, right, right, right?

I was more referring to your “jest” about which side you’d fight for in the hypothetical situation that you’d actually stay. I say then that your sense of humour is being brain-washed by your pan-blue controllers. :wink:


Cool. Just like Red Dawn. Except instead of “Wolverines!!!”, it’d be “Forumosans!!!” :braveheart:

Does that mean you’re going to make us drink the blood of a just killed deer? Ugh! I’ll be running then.

Actually, this reminds me of plenty of discussions I’ve had with KMT surrender monkies. Keep in mind that I’m not really pro-independence. I just think the issue should be decided by the Taiwanese.

When I’ve asked these surrender monkies if they would fight or side with the mainlanders, the common answer is the latter. When I ask them why they don’t have the guts to fight for the right to decide their own future, the immediate answer is a question: “well, who are you to ask this question. You’ll probably be on the first plane out if there’s a war. Are you telling me that you’re going to stick around?” Indeed. And the reason I would be on the first plane out is that if I were to stay behind and fight, I’d very likely be stabbed in the back by some unprincipled KMT momma’s boy who would rather live on his knees than die on his feet. If the Taiwanese had half the balls and commitment of the Israelis, I’d stick around.

Would China actually announce “OK you fascist capitalist types, get ready. We’re coming to get you, on the 11th, about 4pm.”?

Wouldn’t they just launch the missiles, send in the airforce, and then start coming over in their millions to pick up the pieces?

Right. Like those DPP supporters would really go guerilla to defend Taiwan. Everyone here is a surrender monkey.

Right. Like those DPP supporters would really go guerilla to defend Taiwan. Everyone here is a surrender monkey.[/quote]

Dead to rights. :uhhuh:

If there’s enough support, the ROC should immediately grant such foreign individuals ROC citizenship. It’s the least they can do.

Why not get stragbasher to dress up like a viking and meet the invading troops at the shore?

That way, they’d probably think of all those “red-haired barbarian” stories and think they’d landed on the wrong island. 10-1 says no one would have any idea what to do.

I’ll even join and bring a big wig too!


I agree with ironlady. However, I believe it more likely than not that, even though I am a coward, I would enlist. I believe this because throughout my life I have consistently demonstrated extremely poor decision-making skills :slight_smile: .