Who is America

I wonder why Donald Trump hasn’t sued already :grin:

Good Lord. The Borat film had some insightful content and plenty of comedy. This series is pure anti-American, unless you’re a far left liberal. Most of the content of this series is biased and unfunny. It’s intentionally offensive towards what the filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen would refer to as “septics” if he speak Cockney.

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So the definition of American implies bigotry, support providing children with weapons and other stuff of the kind? Oh man, the USA is really fucked up then.

Again, it’s not representative of the population. No better than a Taiwanese college student watching US movies and thinking we all get drunk every day and have sex with total strangers at the drop off the hat.

Then to take the piss out of these guys shouldn’t be an insult to America, just to that part of America. Specifically the USA part. :smiley:

Jokes aside, maybe the series title is insulting (to the USA), but the show itself is not.

Wut…we don’t?

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We know you don’t. Not both things.

Not at the same time. It’s against foreigner rules! Bear in mind subsection 2.302.1.

You’re right. I never wear a hat.

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No #MAGA for you? :hushed:

Nope. I wouldn’t want to be attacked by an angry crowd of anti-Trumpers. Those people are insane. Plus, I have a big head and look stupid in a hat.

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I hate to break it to you, Doc, but it ain’t the hat that does it. :no_mouth:

Now go ahead and attack me for my honesty. I can take it.

Let’s just say I look better without a hat. Plus, when guys wear hats, people often assume it’s to hide a bald spot. Not sure what your head band is hiding, but I’m sure you get the idea. :smile:

My headband is for love & peace, dude. :heart: :peace_symbol: :rainbow:

You mean it covers up your reproductive organ?

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Sorry. Didn’t mean to strike a “nerve.” :sunglasses:

Back to the lactorium with ya. We need more product, or the next building you enter will be the kind you don’t come out of in one piece. :rage:

Hello! My face is up here! Sigh, you…men?..are all the same. :slightly_frowning_face:

Huh? :confused: I was addressing the Honorable Consultant, not some other part of you.

And don’t make me remind you again: not all hippies are strict vegetarians. :cut_of_meat: :yum: