Who is Christian?


You should have said that earlier, we could have skipped this whole thread lol.


You’ll have to forgive @tempogain, as a Badge on here, he’s not at all used to recognizing a higher authority. :wink:


Several Shinto sects sprung up after Buddhism and Confucianism entered Japan. They are about as Buddhist as Mormons are Christian, that was the point. It was only an official designation for a short time if that’s what you meant. They also have or had a church in a building near the Adventist Hospital, where LiveABC is.


So then they must really be Buddhist?



There is no such thing as an absolute truth in theology nor in much anything else. There is an eternity to prove things differently than the way we currently understand them. Our time of understanding things is so tiny on the grand timeline of the Universe’s existence as we think we know it. Absolute truth is relative to one’s culture and time in history. What is true for one person or one society is not always true for another person or other societies. What is true today may not be true tomorrow.

The word “theology” comes from two Greek words that combined mean “the study of God.” Christian theology is simply an attempt to understand God as He is revealed in the Bible. No theology will ever fully explain God and His ways because God is infinitely and eternally higher than we are. Therefore, any attempt to describe Him will fall short [Romans 11:33-36]


This sounds like hogwash. Or is it the absolute truth?

There’s no such thing as the aboslute truth besides the absolute truth that is there no absolute truth?

Theology- I mentioned Theos already meaning god in Greek.

If god reveals he is A, and A and B are mutually exclusive, he can not be B. He is absolutely A. He can also reveal he is C if A and C are not mutually exclusive. That’s not wiggle. It’s not about fully explaining god, our finite minds and a even more finite language would not be possible.


how can you know god is A?


Through his works and ways he reveal himself. One such way of you don’t want to go on scripture, you can look at nature.

If God is orderly, one would suspect to see an orderly world he created.


I’m not totally feeling the order


You don’t feel the laws of nature?


I guess, or Shinto. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging one thing developed from another. There are people who still say Christians are or should be Jews.


Do you think nature is orderly?


Extremely orderly. We can see pretty cool laws in nature that repeat, for example the golden ratio. renaissance painter were obsessed with it.


Disorder is everywhere around us. Sure there are laws that reflect nature’s realities, and order as well.


What’s something in nature you view as disorderly?


No, he’s right.
Nature is orderly and consistent.
The universe often appears chaotic, but it’s following a set of rules just the same.


We live on a thin fractured crust on a roiling mass of pressurized molten rock and metal. Periodically this molten material trickles through the crust, but occasionally it can blast through with incredible violence and massive implications for living creatures on the surface.


The law of the universe is entropy, so yes there has to be order or our cells would just disintegrate as would everything else. Order or disorder does not prove or disprove the existence of God. God is experienced through divine inspiration and is based on faith not science. Science is just a method for humans to explore the universe and its proof of efficacy is technology.


And those are the rules


The rules encompass massive disorder. Just the eddies in a hot cup of coffee are immeasurable