Who is Christian?


I think this doesn’t mean every detial in the bible is proved to be true. And if some untruths are included in the first manuscript, how can you know?

btw, I’m not an atheist, but an apatheist or a polytheist.


I read Mere Christianity eight years ago.

Lewis says we can’t grasp it, we can only experience it. That’s why no one can explain it. And seriously, I don’t know why Christianity should be defined by something no one can explain.


Does Mormonism contradict the Bible?

It doesn’t just add on to it, Mormons believe their books and prophet supersedes the Bible.


I didn’t just say just trinity. There were other aspect like holding the scripture as the truth.


Who defined Christians should be people who believe the bible?


Should be a follower of Christ and word of god aka the Bible. If you say certain aspects of the Bible is wrong. How can you be Christian?


Pretty sure it’s more like they complement the Bible rather than supercede it.
Just like their belief that Jesus visited the New World doesn’t contradict Biblical accounts of him in the Old World.


the bible is something people had written, and people can easily make mistakes. I don’t understand why you cannot be.


Mormons basically liked the bible so much that they wrote a bunch of fan fiction for it.

They’re nothing if not creative!


Exactly, You hit the nail on the head.


Is the Bible trustworthy?


The word of God is trustworthy. The word of God written by man is not really trustworthy. That is what makes Christianity so darn tricky. It is not concrete based on proven facts. It only works based on faith. So people need to have faith that the word of God through man is trustworthy or the whole thing does not work.


Thousands on thousand of manuscripts saying the same things in multiple languages by different authors with 99.5% compete uniformity. with key eye witnesses that we can find outside the Bible, historically facts we can prove outside of the Bible, archeological facts outside of the Bible.

We aren’t talking about simple mistakes here by one person. If they all say A across multiple authors and B is true. Then it’s pretty much all false. If we are talking about one manuscript says A. Sure maybe one person made a error. But everyone making an error makes the whole thing made up.


So no. For Mormons, the Bible is not trust worthy.

Is the Prophet Joseph smith trust worthy along with Mormons holy books?


Honestly, I find it all fascinating. The history of religion through time and how it has shaped who we are today. It is powerful, it can create wonderful things and destroy everything. It can enslave the masses and also set them free. It provides comfort and hope, but also fear and damnation.


That depends on what any one person chooses to believe. It can’t be proven. It can only be accepted by faith that it is true. Same as any other denomination.


Oh come on, for Mormons is Joseph Smith trustworthy along with the Mormon holy books?


Actually, I think many parts are kind of made up and not really factual events. Many of the stories in the Bible are simply metaphors for lessons to be learned. Jonah and the Whale, etc.


Well, they would not be LDS if they did not believe it. But nobody gave them a private viewing of the golden plates, seer stones or direct revelation from God. It is all based on faith.


How do you know this? Who has actually heard him speak?