Who is Christian?


So for Mormons, the Bible is not trust worthy, Joseph smith and Mormon holy books are. Wouldn’t that supersede the Bible?


historical events in bible may be true as far as they can be confirmed by other materials, but the bible is not just saying historical events. how can you know all of those parts are true too?


So are those lessons true?

Yes, I get when it says the lord is my shepherd…the lord isn’t an actual shepherd. But we understand the metaphorical meaning and find it true.


We don’t “know it”. We can only feel it through confirmation from the Holy Spirit (AKA heart burn or acid reflux). But if you believe it then you would think that it is trustworthy.

People have claimed to have spoken to God or Christ or other heavenly angels throughout time. You just have to pick and choose who you believe is telling the truth or full of it. LDS believe their modern day prophets do get direct revelations from God and Christ. Their followers / members believe their prophets to be trustworthy…again, by faith.


Jesus Christ, no wonder I’m an atheist.


Because it was illegal to be a Christian and Christians were hunted down. Why would the apostles continue to make things up knowing it was a lie. Paul is one of the most trustworthy sources because he was Saul. One of the most infamous Christian hunters. He persecuted Christians like mad dogs and killed them cruelly as he hated them. He then converted and become probably the most prolific apologists and kept spreading the gospel for the rest of his life knowing every well each day what would happen if they get him.


Eh!??! How does that prove anything to be true or trustworthy? One could argue the guy was nutters.


They have a pretty convenient and frankly quite cool explanation for this. God’s actual voice would blow our heads off, so he has to speak to us through other human beings.


So they were all nutters. All of the followers of Jesus that said they witness the resurrection and the apostles? It could be true. But I guess you’d would have to have faith that all of them are indeed nutters.


I just threw the nutter part into the arena for the sake of argument and seeing all sides.
Why do we trust anyone or anything? We base trust on what we experience and perceive. We watch the actions and behaviors of others and then make a decision based on those observations and faith that it is correct. Of course we could be wrong, but we could be right too.


Actually, Mormons don’t believe any scripture is inerrant, not even the uniquely Mormon holy books.


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So which books are more correct? Mormon holy books or the bible? Surely they can’t be equally incorrect…then what is the point of Joseph smith receiving revelations from God to correct things?


Nobody but God can truly know 100% the accuracy of the scriptures. Funny how religion is like that. Pick your poison.


Does The Creator even give a monkey’s about the scriptures??

Kind of sounds like Pete Townshend consulting the blog of some 13-year-old stoner from New Westminster who just listened to Tommy for the first time…


He did, but anything that touches human hands is imperfect.

The Book of Mormon even says there’s errors in it.


Come on, dont be PC about it. If mormonism say something that contradicts the bible. Do mormons believe the Bible is correct or Mormonism to be correct


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No wonder so many Italians are Catholic. It’s those spicy meatballs.


This isn’t true, the Koran and Torah are known to have greater consistency with the earliest copies. Not to say that the Bible is rife with errors, but there are some notable issues, and plenty of small ones as you note. More importantly, the original manuscripts aren’t available (or anything close to them) so it’s hard to say how accurate things really are. I wonder what the case with Buddhist scriptures is.

Spiderman names New York, does that mean it’s real?

The Bible was written by men and does not solely consist of Jesus’s words or teaching. I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t agree with everything in the Bible either.

The Mormons would do the same, and many died for their faith. I wouldn’t like to test them on their willingness to do so at this point personally.