Who is Christian?


I think Mormonism fits the Bible the best, but that’s a discussion for another day.


It’s more like two people arguing over what counts as a “metal” band.



So they were all nutters. All of the followers of Jesus that said they witness the resurrection and the apostles? It could be true. But I guess you’d would have to have faith that all of them are indeed nutters.

They are characters in a narrative. They say whatever the author/editor wants them to say. (Of course there are things like source criticism and the synoptic problem to consider.)


So historically, none biblical sources and evidence of of Christians are found since the beginning of Christianity. They line up with, people believe in the resurrection of Jesus and willingly died for it.

You can say oh they just all made it up. Sure, entirely possible. You can’t ever know 100% unless you go back. But the number of people who converted say something about a time where Christians were killed cruelly.


Do people go around saying they saw Spider-Man and willingly died for it?


We know that people go around saying all kinds of things. Look out on the street, you’ll find plenty. Not impressed by that. Plus we have no idea what happened early on, unless you’re one of the people who like to make broad extrapolations from Paul’s vague statements 25 or 30 years after the fact. Then, we know people die for things including their beliefs willingly, all the time. As I said, how’d you like to try on the Mormons for it? They got skewered for their beliefs by the way, carried on bravely, and now have spread quite widely. That is known to happen, it’s not magic.


Hang on a sec. There’s no one of this name in the bible. I smell a rat.


He was a real jackass. I think that was a character in Muttly. I ask you to correct the misattributed quote, however :slight_smile:


Does it somehow reflect poorly on Christianity on the whole if Mormons are considered Christians? It’s not like they’re really hurting anybody (at least not more than anyone else is), or otherwise marring the face of Christianity. Are they?


Well, they’re anti-Christian. That’s enough right there. You can’t sit under the same blanket if you oppose the other people under the blanket.


Well, people willingly died for Heaven’s Gate and Aum Shenrikyo.


Well if you’re a believer and you’re suppose to spread the gospel. It does matter that Mormons are saying the gospel is wrong and Mormonism is right. So yes. I don’t want people to convert to the wrong religion.

Seriously, why are you trying to force something to people that find it important because you don’t care or are to lazy to differentiate about what Christians and Mormons view as something important.


But Mormonism doesn’t say “the gospel is wrong.” They say they’ve got the genuine, restored gospel, in contrast to the other churches which have corrupted the message of Christ.


Wait…do they not consider themselves Christians?

Do they really say the gospel is wrong? I thought they just added a bunch of stuff.


They say the gospel is wrong. Their gospel is right. It’s a big difference.


I’m not forcing anything. I’m literally just asking a question. Why are you so hostile?


We’ve had this conversation.

Why do you care?


Some Baptists say the Catholics fail to believe the gospel, since they practice works-righteousness, practice idolatry, lack a personal relationship with Jesus, etc. Does this mean the Baptists and Catholics can’t both be a part of Christianity?


I’m not hostile. I laid out why I don’t think they’re Christians over and over again.

Do you think Christians should say Mormons are Christians?


I don’t get used to it, but he may not be hostile. It may be just Andrew’s style to discuss. He may want to stimulate the discussion.