Who is Christian?


Of course you are.
If you guys were at Red Lobster you’d be hucking Cheddar Bay bicuits at her friggin head.


If those eddies were orderly, we humans would be able to measure them.

Human hubris. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a matter of semantics. If the preacher simplifies the concept as nature is orderly because God makes it so, and then people think oh I can go out into nature and have an experience that perfectly matches my expectations, because that’s my concept of order, it probably doesn’t work out. There’s a story from India of a novice monk who falls in love with the oneness of all creation and then has an encounter with a mahout :elephant: that doesn’t go so well. Afterwards, he asks the swami what happened – if we are all part of God, why did God hurt God by hurting me? – and the swami says, didn’t you hear the voice of the mahout telling you to get out of the way? That was also the voice of God.

Didn’t scientists find evidence for that sort of thing actually happening sometimes? :whale:

Ah, the power of belief! Rocket and I were saying something about that… :slight_smile:


I think Christianity’s strength is how inclusive it is, and none of the Mormons I’ve met talk about other Christians the way you talk about Mormons. So I find it a little bit disturbing.

I would think that most Christians are just happy to have more in the flock, even if they think they’re not quite going the right direction with it. At least they’re trying.


What’s disturbing about me pointing out differences?

I have a feeling Mormons like most Christians don’t have much of a theological background.


Indeed! The important thing here is what constitutes “order”. It seems to me I have a different idea about what kind of order is relevant here than some others.


Because I figure you would be content with a group of people who are at least trying to be Christian. Mormons are certainly very forgiving of Christians even though they think those other groups have the details wrong. I think Sui went over all this earlier in the thread, though.


I already told you I don’t think they’re Christians and laid out why for you in an entire thread. Why would I be content to people not being Christian?


Okay, you aren’t happy with it. I get that. But in the end I just don’t think Jesus Christ is the type of person who is going to stop a decent Mormon at the pearly gates and go “Nah nah nah, you were one of those weirdo Mormons. You got it all wrong. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to stick your ass in purgatory.” I think he would be more like “Hey! Nice work. I know you tried your best.”


Says the person who doesn’t understand the difference between saints and god. How about you stick to a subject you know better before telling people gibberish like Mormons just wrote fan fiction and saying how Jesus would judge in what way.


Bull shit.

They say other Christian churches have the incomplete doctorine. The gospel that exists is fine, save for a few minor clarifications on vague points that they have cleared up in their other books.

More bull shit.
They are some of the most accepting and loving people on the planet. They’d give you the shirt off their back in a blink of an eye, no questions asked, no matter what you believe.

Their doctorine does not teach intolerance. It teaches tolerance and Christ like love for everyone.


Please god MAKE IT STOP!


…alright, dude.

It’s Christians like you with no sense of humor and a huge stick up your ass that push people away from the faith. So if spreading the gospel is what you want to do, I think you might want to try a different tack. It’s definitely not working for me.


Makes sense to me!


Well, the whole polygamy thing wasn’t exactly a great PR move.


Tread carefully, Milker. Lighthearted statements aren’t too well-received here.


Yeah, that’s one of my main beefs with religion in general. The whole enterprise is just too damn serious.


Yeah, so all the other church’s have the wrong gospel. Mormons have the correct one.

Why add on to the gospel?


The Bible is rife with polygamy. They were practicing polygamy outside the United States in unclaimed territory. The US told them if they wanted statehood to join the Union, they would need to follow US law and end the practice of polygamy. They had a big think and decided statehood was more important, so they dropped polygamy. It is actually in their doctorine to obey the law if the land as long as it does not contradict the laws of God.

I really don’t see what the huge problem is with them practicing polygamy over a hundred years ago.

Would I do it? Hell no. One wife is enough for me. But if you can take care of more and do so in a loving healthy family, more power to you. None of my business.


Things seem to be getting a bit acrimonious. Let’s all tone it down please. Not singling anyone out.