Who is Christian?


They are more into religious aliens?


They believe God created the Universe (multiverse, etc) and everything in it…so I guess aliens would belong to the same God.





Hmm, maybe we should ask @yyy if he’s a Mormon.


The mormons I’ve met have been a great bunch of people, I’m still not sure why they are required to wear red underwear though.


It’s not red


You’re really going to double down on this? How exhausting…

My stance is exactly this: very few things (at least wrt something like religion) can be as black and white or neatly fit into boxes as you seem to believe.

My “definitive statements” as you call them are really just some opinions I hold and conclusions I’ve arrived to over time. I am not forcing anyone to agree, not even really trying to persuade. Just sharing my viewpoint, and explaining how arguments like yours just don’t really do anything to convince someone with opinions like mine.

Suffice it to say we just do not speak the same language. You seem to think it is very important to be right, whereas I don’t care near as much about being right. You don’t understand where I’m coming from. That’s ok.


Explaining is basically persuading.

You cant lay out what you view like

A is this

B is this

C is this

Against an argument and then claim “oh I’m not trying to persuade you”

Why are you sharing your opinions then? You obviously have a stance, this I don’t have a stance but here’s what I believe in anyways is not consistent.


Why the hell not? Everyone else is!


Yet you feel that Mormons are Christians.

I never said i believe everything is black and white. I never talked about things I don’t fully know. For example, I’m not sure where I stand with baptism, so therefore I don’t try to articulate it and make a stance.

You seem to think my stance is uniquely mine. As you said it’s my view and my view alone. not true. I’m not drawing what I’m saying on nothing. They come from other theologians far better than me. You on the other hand, have never studied theology to any extent that you yourself said qualified as someone that can objectively say things about two different religions. You never go in-depth into anything like other posters who actually have some backing in their ideas. You are literally just doing what you said I’m doing. Saying things from what you believe and what you alone. believe.

Here’s me and you talking

Me: This is one reason why Mormonism is different. Explain it in depth. Give some quotes and explain it.
You: I know some Mormons and they are like this. They are Christians. Ok


I don’t think you’re hostile, but this is what the actually say (Pew Poll):


There’s no point to this kind of dialogue @Andrew0409. She can share her opinions etc. if she wants. There’s no call to dissect her way of doing so. If you want to respond to her just address the message please, otherwise I suggest not responding.


Just going by the dictionary definition of a Christian, and the Christian-like behavior of the Mormons I know, it seems true! So, I haven’t felt a need to question it, and nothing that has been said has really changed my mind.

Let me amend what I said: I understand that you, and many other people with beliefs similar to yours, share your opinion. I’m still not convinced. That’s all.

There’s no end to this, honestly. Just let it be. You don’t understand what planet I fell from. You think I’m dumber and less informed than allll the other posters. Meh. The end.


You’re confused, Taiwanese wear red underwear on special days.


Many believe they are Christian.


Did anybody think to just post this?

They identify as Christian. Some may disagree, but you don’t really get to make the rules just because they don’t want to be affiliated or they don’t fit into your specific mold.


We already covered they say they’re Christians.

Why do they get to make the rules they’re Christians and the other group can’t.


Other groups can claim to be Christian, can’t they?


Anyone can claim to be anything…

…I could claim to be the Panchen Llama…


As I said before. There are fundamental differences I went over that would seem to disqualify them to be the same.