Who is Judge Amanda Woodcock?

Who is Judge Amanda Woodcock?I mean, is she Hong Kongneese, Chinese and is she still British (if ever)?

She seems to be strictly interpreting the “law” with no leniency and is no judge I would like to get before.
Does she really believe in her job?
What’s worse, is that what we’ll become if we accept local citizenship, the unthinkable happens and we are allowed to stay?

My guess is she’s just doing as she’s told. She’ll also be handsomely rewarded for doing as she’s told. Having been dealing with lawyers/barristers for the last 3 years now, and for much of the course of my life, I think I can safely say they know every excuse imaginable to excuse their behavior whenever they get called out for it. The only honest ones have generally been civil rights specialists or those that do pro bono work on behalf of refugees.