Who is Sarah Palin?

Did you know that Sarah Palin was unable to name a single newspaper or magazine that she reads?

For more cool stuff about John McCain’s pick for VP, check this site
politicalhumor.about.com/od/sara … top-10.htm

Wow, even Bush Jr. didn’t have as many “Bushisms” at this point in the campaign… :laughing:

It just reminds me of Bush all over again, though. Not too savvy and completely unfit for the job. It’s embarrassing!!!

I don’t want to defend George Bush or John McCain, but at least they are great Americans. They have demonstrated a commitment to their nation and government and have done things far beyond most people. I disagree with them on most things that matter, but they have the right to be the president if they are elected.

IM afraid G.Bush the second will go down in history as a major dumfuk.

He was not a good president. Being qualified to do the job does not automatically mean you can do it. But my point is that there’s no comparison between him and Palin. Her only political qualification is that there is now a legitimate political voice for a group of Americans previously lost in big party politics - neo-nazi skinheads.

I disagree completely, unless you mean no other president has managed to screw an economy so convincingly?

McCain once deserved the right to sit in the country’s top job, But right now he’s offering nothing more that a continuation of the blunders his party and key advisers have made in the past eight years. His appointment of Palin is a very clear indication of his presently poor and fading judgement.

What Americans are looking at is the financial winter heading their way. Joe the unlicensed plumber better get lucky with his singing career, because its people like him that will be hit the hardest. Can the clowns that got us into this mess manage to get us out?

“Drill, baby, drill”? Why aren’t we hearing more about that? Just last fortnight the McSame camp wanted to skew the US economy into squeezing out it’s most expensively reached oil reserves. With oil now way off peaks, and falling, it would have meant an endless bailout for the oil companies. Taxpayers would be bailing out sectors that enjoyed the most obscene profits in the Bush regime. Your tax dollars at work, for more of the same?

But the immediate issue in this election is that the McSame/Alaskan airhaed camp have targeted the tired old fault lines of fear and hate. For this alone, they shouldn’t be given another chance.


The more I read about the Caribou Barbie (as the press now call her) I have come to the conclusion that McCains very first executive decision was a complete wank job. And Im sorry I voted for him. I think its an indication he will not be a good president.

Im rooting for Obama now. Course if he does turn out to be the AntiChrist??? YEE GADS.

Wow an Anti-Palin circle jerk! I’m so impressed. How about you stop with the ad hominem attacks and name calling and say one thing she hasn’t done right. Or how about you read the transcript to the Charlie Gibson interview that was edited to shreds to make her look stupid.

And what exactly is an obscene profit? Are businesses required to earn a certain percentage of profit and no more?

This thread is full of fail.

How cute, a drive by shooter.

Nice try, but it would be far more fruitful if you could provide one thing she’s done right, and since you haven’t . . .

What constitutes an obscene profit? How about screwing the world’s financial markets, depending on a government bailout to keep you afloat and then putting away a vast chunk of tax payers’ money for bonuses. Would that constitute obscene in your mind?

The reason I ask is because, well franlly I work in finance and I’m looking for the floor here. Should I ask for more money?



Offhandedly, she flunked the dipshit test badly. A potential cohort in the data seems to be that she wasn’t even aware exam day was at hand. Or that such an exam exists.

[quote]Throughout the conversation, Audette drops plenty of clues that something’s amiss.

He identifies French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday as his special adviser to the U.S., singer Stef Carse as Canada’s prime minister and Quebec comedian and radio host Richard Z. Sirois as the provincial premier.

“We should go hunting together,” Palin offers when Audette professes a love of hunting - or, more precisely, killing animals. “We can have a lot of fun together while we’re getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone.”

Audette then jokes that they shouldn’t bring Cheney on the hunt, referring to the 2006 incident in which the vice-president shot and injured a friend while hunting quail.

“I’ll be a careful shot,” responds Palin, who praises Sarkozy throughout the call.

“I look forward to working with you and getting to meet you personally - and your beautiful wife, oh my goodness,” she says.

“You’ve added a lot of energy to your country with that beautiful family of yours.”[/quote]

Jesus. These guys make a run at baiting American hotshots what, every day? After Bush’s seven minute fiasco, you’d hope in your GOP VP candidate that you’d propose someone of an IQ sufficienly capable of achieving buzz or vibrate mode (something) at the five minute mark - at the latest.

I wonder how many times Obama’s minions have fended off these calls with a laugh and a “better luck next time!” or “hey, have you tried Palin? here’s her cell.” The answer is surely more than once.

EDIT: YouTube

[quote=“Okami”]Wow an Anti-Palin circle jerk! I’m so impressed. How about you stop with the ad hominem attacks and name calling and say one thing she hasn’t done right. Or how about you read the transcript to the Charlie Gibson interview that was edited to shreds to make her look stupid.

And what exactly is an obscene profit? Are businesses required to earn a certain percentage of profit and no more?

This thread is full of fail.[/quote]

You’re joking, right? Or are you the last person in the world to have figured out this one?

Incidentally, I keep hearing about this Charlie Gibson interview that showed her brilliance, if only you see the whole thing. I have seen the entire interview unedited and she still looks uninformed.

What about an interview with a fake French president?

“I loved the documentary Hustler did on you called Nailin’ Palin” “Oh that’s great.” :laughing:

[quote]Two well-known Canadian pranksters tricked Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin into thinking she was on the phone today with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The conversation, captured on a Montreal radio program, was, in a word, embarrassing. (Politico’s Ben Smith was among the first to pick up on reports from The Canadian Press.)

The fake Sarkozy buttered Palin up by telling her he hoped she would become president some day. “Haha, maybe in eight years,” Palin replied. Then the conversation turned to helicopter hunting, with a mention of Vice President Dick Cheney’s infamous bad shot.

“One of my favorite activities is to hunt, too,” the fake Sarkozy said. “Oh, very good, we should go hunting together,” Palin replied, adding, “I think we could have a lot of fun together as we’re getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone that way.”

“I just love killing those animals! Taking away life, that is so fun,” the Sarkozy impersonator said.

Palin laughed.

“As long as we don’t bring Vice President Cheney,” the jokester said. “I’ll be a very careful shot, don’t worry,” Palin said, laughing.[/quote]



Here’s the transcript of that call.

It’s not all that funny, imo, but it is definitely funnier if you understand a bit of French.

Fake Sarkozy: Well, I hope for you. You know, we have a lot in common because personally one of my favourite activities is to hunt, too.
Palin: Oh, very good. We should go hunting together.
Fake Sarkozy: Exactly, we could try go hunting by helicopter like you did. I never did that. Like we say in French, on pourrait tuer des bébé phoques, aussi (translation: one can kill baby seals too).

Fake Sarkozy: You know my wife is a popular singer and a former top model and she’s so hot in bed. She even wrote a song for you.
Palin: Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that.
Fake Sarkozy: Yes, in French it’s called de rouge à lèvre sur un cochon (translation: lipstick on a pig), or if you prefer in English, Joe the Plumber…it’s his life, Joe the Plumber.

Some people will grasp at anything to maintain their beliefs, no matter how irrational and contrary to reality.

Quite right, take Tigerman for example. Despite all the evidence, he still believes the GOP are the best hope for the economy.


George Bush is a great American? ioadghsi;aero

Sorry, “ioadghsi;aero” is what got typed when my chin hit my keyboard.

He is a great look out man while Cheney, Rove and the rest of the usual suspects rob the coffers blind. How can so many people be so in your face stupid as to stick to those partisan lines no matter what the cost to their integrity?

Okami asks what Palin has done to deserve such scorn: How is this Okami?

Sarah Failin’: wants to charge women for rape kits, faked a pregnancy to cover up her own daughter’s inability to practice safe sex, can’t remember what she hasn’t read, has been caught in many a abuse of power scandals, wants to burn books, shoots animals from helicopters, has no idea what a VP does, was exorcised by a witch doctor, can only attack Obama because she has nothing substantive to say herself. If you need more evidence of what a cunt she is, help get her elected. The USA will become The USAin’t is short order. Personally, I’ve had it with the “real Americans”. I hope they drag the entire country into the cesspool with them. If the blues can’t overcome this racist, bible-thumpin’, homophobic sect of their population, they deserve a decline to rival Rome’s. Burn baby burn.

Now, Mr. Okami…please edify us to what good she can do? Don’t worry, I am sure the site can handle the memory your post would use up.

John McLame was once a great American. He is no longer one. He has fallen into the fear-mongering blame the other guy, say anything-truth be damned maelstrom that is republican politics. Fuck You Republicans. You’d poach the ivory off of your own Pachydermal emblem to make another buck. Again, and to quote the most awesome John Stewart, “Fuck all y’all!”

[quote=“Okami”]Wow an Anti-Palin circle jerk! I’m so impressed. How about you stop with the ad hominem attacks and name calling and say one thing she hasn’t done right. Or how about you read the transcript to the Charlie Gibson interview that was edited to shreds to make her look stupid.

And what exactly is an obscene profit? Are businesses required to earn a certain percentage of profit and no more?

This thread is full of fail.[/quote]

Well, Sarah Palin certainly thinks so- she did impose an excess profits tax on oil companies in Alaska.

Merriam Webster:

[quote]Main Entry:
so·cial·ism Listen to the pronunciation of socialism

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods[/quote]

There’s only one socialist on the ticket this year, just like there’s only one candidate who sleeps every night with a traitor…[cue ominous music…]

This is a couple of weeks old, but still, a rather humourous look at Palin’s home town. Check out the interview with the current mayor of Wasilla at 1:38.

Understanding Real America in Wasilla

Top story this morning.

Palin to Resign as Governor of Alaska

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska announced Friday that she would step down by the end of the month and not seek a second term as governor, fueling speculation that she is seriously weighing whether to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012. . . . [/quote]
thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009 … alaska/?hp

Bizarre and completely unexpected decision. But what does it mean? Is she more likely or less to make a serious attempt at the presidency?

I say less. True, Alaska’s a fairly odd, remote state from which to launch a campaign for national office and even the governorship there seems only a few steps above mayor of wallala, but still. I believe her resignation will mostly be viewed as a sign of weakness. In the end, the big tough barracuda couldn’t hack the pressure of public office and relentless scrutiny and decided to retreat home to bake cookies and take care of her kids.

Nothing wrong with favoring domestic life over public life. Nothing at all. Life’s short and we should each do what is important to us. But if she later decides to run for President (or Senator, Congresswoman, etc) I, for one, may question her stamina to tough it out for the long run.

Of course it’s possible she believes by stepping down she’ll be able to engage in other activities that will enhance her chances at national public office, but I can’t imagine she’ll come up with anything that gives her the power, responsibility and opportunity for publicity that governorship did. It looks to me like this move marks the end of any chances she had for higher public office.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Sarah.

It’s doubtful that she is going away. She has big support from Bill Kristol and other nutters. Palin reminds me of Angela Lansbury’s character in the Manchurian Candidate, using patriotic and religious bravado to effect a narcissistic drive for power and glory. Instead of pushing her son forth, she is pushing herself.

There’s a tough piece on her in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. I thought this part was funny (and sad).

This part is just plain odd . . .

vanityfair.com/politics/feat … rentPage=1

I think Palin haters (I am one) will view this article as confirmation of what they’ve known all along while rallying support for her from the Palin lovers. Another presidential campaign with her in the mix will be hard for me to stomach. More of the dumbing down of political discourse in the US.

If I were an Alaskan, though, I’d be quite pleased for now. :bravo: