Who is Sarah the Canadian?

Sarah the Canadian…what a viscious and intimidating sounding name :laughing: :laughing: I wonder if she said ‘aboot’ or ‘eh?’ a lot during the interrogations? :laughing: Requested a Tim Hortons “double, double” during interrogations while playing with her Timbits :smiley: ? urbandictionary.com/define.p … ble-Double

Carried herself with a patronizing attitude? Then she may have been a Canadian. :roflmao: French accent with a red haired sidekick named Fifi? Sounds kind of kinky to me!!! :laughing:

In any case, the NDP loon that is bringing this up should ask the members of the Chretien and Martin cabinets that still sit in the House of Commons about ‘Sarah.’

After all, it supposedly happened on their watch! :laughing: Nooooooo doubt about it. Roll up the rim to win :thumbsup:

I’m sure though that moonbat liberals will start blaming Chimpy McHitlerstein and his compadres for impersonating Canadians. :laughing: Gonna be fun to watch this one out!!!

google.com/hostednews/afp/ar … j_p5SmdULA

These kinds of practices, that the government has knowledge of but refuses to come clean about is deeply concerning, and leads to a society that role models it. From business people, to educators, to children, to judges, government is role model…
Apparently and consequently, we have liers, bullies, and justified crime, in the form of pressure to comply, to anything.

The present government of Canada and it’s Policing, in British Columbia, in Alberta, and the rest Canada and abroad is losing credibility. This is why we have such a force of negative gang related and irratic criminal behaviour.
Like our foriegn affairs problem, peace keeping and other policies, our true motives and behaviours are hidden, defended and/or justified.

Canada is not Consistent. Canada is Confused. On it’s Issues.
Where does Canada stand?. Who and why it is doing things?

Of course we, the people, are to believe–the Americans are behind every thing (when there is no obvious answer to these kinds of crimes). We hide. We duck. Alot.

When is the present government of the day, going to own up to it’s lack of guidance and lead by example? .

When Canada, who are you going to deal with reality, instead of hiding behind lies?

Sarah Palin, moonlighting.

:laughing: :laughing:

[quote=“urodacus”]Sarah Palin, moonlighting.
:laughing: :laughing:[/quote]

Well, you can see Canada from Moosefart Alaska, so she’s clearly qualified for the job… :whistle: