Who is she?

Funny or Die spoof against DADT in the US military, but who is that woman at 1:25??? She looks vaguely familiar, but I just can’t place her.


I get an error message when I try to play it.

Aw, shit! I didn’t get to 1:25. Can’t play vid. Sorry my bad.

It’s Sarah Silverman.

She’s fucking Matt Damon.

super_lucky beat me to it (or at least… I thought he did). I didn’t even get that message, “some other guy beat you to it”.

Oh and she’s not REALLY fucking Matt Damon, but Google it anyway. It was a bit of a funny thing she did.

EDIT: Oh right, now I understand why super_lucky edited his post - the girl at 1:25 is not Sarah Silverman. I don’t know who she is.

The girl is Jenny Lennon, she is Tom Lennon’s wife.

Where would I have seen her before? Perhaps just a red carpet pic or something with her husband (Reno 911 dude, right?), or is she also an actress or comedian?

Who is he?

She’s in her husband’s videos sometimes.

Who is he?[/quote]

He’s Jenny Lennon’s husband.

He’s in some videos on that Funny or Die site.

He’s the Reno 911 guy too. writes (with the other reno 911 guy ben garant) as well, Night at the Museum for one