Who is that girl?

Been to Bali shortly and met that old lady on the street. She seems to have this ??? expression as well seeing me…

As the Indonesians now use latin characters and a language which is a nice mix of European tongues, I would appreciate if anyone has more info on that…

The writing here does not look like Latin characters!

fyi, indonesia has more than 800 languages which are still in some degree of use …

That is intersting! So my wife cannot really impress me with her “we Taiwanese are clever and have 4 languages” stuff…

Sanskrit. You can begin working it out here:



It’s Rangda. A witch. Bad news.

I am doomed!

And … oh … who changed my avatar … aaaaaaaarrrrrgggg :

I am doomed … doomed

It’s written in the Balinese alphabet.

Thanks for the info, that was interesting. I googled up on it… So the alphabet is still used for religious purposes.

Looks like Thai…

No, it’s definitely not Thai. Does bear a resemblance, due to the Brahmic influences on both, though.