Who is the moderator?


Suppose one wants to discuss something about a forum directly with the respective moderator, how to know who moderates what?
Is there a list to which we could refer?


Check the first post of the thread. Under the title there’s the forum names and to the right of it it will say “Moderator: xxxx”

If it does not have that, like the Feedback forum, we all chip in and help moderate.


I just looked in some of the top posts now, and none of them have such info…


Are you viewing through mobile?


Yes, does It affect something?


I believe it does because I"m viewing via laptop and it shows.


I see. That’s an interface issue, then. I wonder if that’s fixable, as I probably am not the only one who visits Forumosa via mobile…

In any case, it would be useful to have a sticky post with each forums and their moderators. Would it be possible?


Thank you for pointing this out.

You can switch between Mobile view and Desktop view – there is a link at the bottom of the hamburger menu

Here is one of the threads you mentioned above when I view it on my mobile using Desktop View


It didn’t work. The only difference was that the font got larger and some other buttons were added at the bottom.
Below is the same post @GooseEgg showed, in both views:

Mobile view:

Desktop view:


I see no such thing on my desktop PC.

Such thing means information of moderator.


I think @ranlee and @GooseEgg may have a different settings than you and I, since they are moderators themselves.


Fwiw, for me, viewing on android-chrome, toggling between mobile & desktop views does not give moderator info.


I don’t see this information on my desktop - iMac, whatever the latest OS is, using Safari.

For that matter in the “hamburger” menu I don’t see the mobile / desktop option either.


I see it at the top of threads in desktop or mobile. Under the OP.


I think so too.


You are a moderator, as well.
I bet there’s something related to that.


On mobile click on three line menu at top, click “site rules”, scroll down to “staff page”.


This I know. It let me see who are the moderators, but not who moderates which forum, as some of you can see at the top of a topic.
That’s why I’m asking.


Does it make any difference if you start scrolling up vs. down?


Me, no.