Who is the moderator?


I understand what you mean. You are right, it’s probably something only moderators and admins can see, which is strange to me. Knowing who moderates the forum (if there is a specific moderator) should be easily accessible to everyone from inside a topic.

I searched the Meta Discourse forum and did not find anything meaningful about why this was the case. No one seems to have asked why moderators are not listed in topics for non-moderators or how to switch this feature in for everyone. If you post about this there (http://meta.discourse.org) and get an answer, pls link to it here. I will aim to post about it there, too.


Thanks! I’ll do that.
Meanwhile, would it be possible to list the “mods vs forum” somewhere so the less privileged members may know this info?


I moderate myself. Does that count?


I got a response from Discourse. The feature we want is not available…


It’s not a function of Discourse–it’s something I set up using the site’s CSS function. It’s not obvious to me why it would only be visible to mods. I’ll tinker with it a bit


I think it’s working now. Take a look. Let’s just say I did something stupid


We put together a list of moderators and their forums – as well as a list of forums and their mods! – at the following link:


No moderator for Taiwan Politics. Mick, can you do double duty?


Tempogain, I still can’t see it.


Nothing here, too


I can see.


Hmmm I can see it in my non-mod account. At the top of one of the Legal forums, say? Those have a mod.




Strictly for testing purposes :slight_smile:




Okay, now it works! Kind of…

On top of the thread, we can see the moderator, if any:

But for some reason, when scrolling down the thread, some forums show this info, others don’t. And in those that show it, is all messy:



That’s what I see.


It’s not ideal on mobile now certainly. I’m still tinkering.


I think the best solution now on mobile is that it will only appear at the very top of threads and not the rolling header. Take a look and see. Don’t ask me how I figured out how to do that by the way.


That’s good enough for me!
Thank you for the efforts, @tempogain! :notworthy:

Don’t worry, I won’t ask :bowing: