Who is the real father of Gubo's child?

While anyone who had much to do with “Practically Chinese Reader” might have suspected that Gubo would have, er, some difficulty in producing a future generation for posterity, according to the publishers who have come out with a new edition, Gubo actually had a child with Ding Yun (probably only to further the Glorious Revolution) and the new book follows the (probably sad) adventures of this gallant mixed-blood whelp Ding Libo…


Or maybe somebody put a green hat on Gubo? I wouldn’t doubt it…or maybe Palanka and Ding Yun were secretly lovers and went to a sperm bank and got some donated by some high-level cadre who had needed the money to repay the money he had embezzed from the People before the Authorities found out…?

Who is the father of Gubo’s supposed child?

A martyred poet soldier from the heady Beijing spring of 1989. Ding Yun was ministering to his wounds inflicted while defending the good folk of Pukeing from the hordes of dirty dangerous students. In an extreme act of selflessness and as an endeavour to raise public spiritedness, she willingly took the seed of the poor soldier as he confessed with his last breath that he was no other than the son of Lei Feng.


Wasn’t Palanka up the duff in one of the books ?

It wasn’t me

Wow…I shouldn’t have resold my copy of Practical Chinese Reader 2 back to the university bookstore back in 2000. Gubo and Ding Yun have a kid? I thought he and Palanka were meant for each other, but I guess I wouldn’t know since Practical Chinese Reader 1 ends with them leaving for China. What about Wang Laoshi…what does he get into in the further episodes…have you seen the videos for the Practical Chinese Reader series? Ai-yo!