Who Knows?

Hi, I’ve been looking around your part of the cyberworld neighbourhood. Particularly the legal and work related forums. This has got to be the closest I’ve come to what seems to be reliable information. I visited what I thought was the official site for the ROC govt. but, it did not seem to have any of the information I was looking for. (tax laws, work related requirements. - seems odd so I think it wasn’t the right site)

I have heard about the being able to work part time, but where does one find out these things? Lo and behold it’s all here. Of course, if I start quoting Forumosa.com (love the name) to the guy who’s trying to deport me, I don’t think I’ll get too far (at least not in the direction I was planning - but please correct me if I’m wrong here!)

Can any one help me with addresses or links where your info is coming from. For example [quote=“cogitoergosum”] I do not know but you could ask the responsible person at the university or language school. You also could call the CLA for furthr infos.[/quote]

What is CLA? Where is it?

Is there a links section is forumosa that I haven’t stumbled accross?

Any guidance in the right direction will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This is basically the CLA website, although the nomenclature is somewhat confusing –
evta.gov.tw/english/evta-en- … -index.htm