Who, on Forumosa, are South African?

I was curious about the question asked here: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=47732

Just how many of you 'mosans out there are South African?

Let’s make a list:

  1. TaiwanSaffies (duh!)
  2. Rinkals
  3. Bismarck
  4. Groot Krokodil
  5. Alleycat

Please feel free to add you name…

  1. Trapjaw

Surely there’s more than just the six of us…

Prolly make a good cricket team… better than the current national team ya got…

Nah… saffies just dont care about a site run by a canadian lol :smiley: :smiley:

I used to be Rinkals but you know how some people would pronounce my name
(Americans, Canadians, Brits and Anzacs)
, so I changed it to Rasputin.

I’ve got an uncle in Durban. Do I get 1/2 or 1/4 status? :wink:

You’re practically paisan! Welcome to the family.

I AM I said…to no one thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

r u shure?! you’ve yet to ascertain me lineage. (1/2 Geordie; 1/2 Scots Canadian).

And I must confess, Afrikaans does not really sound like a sweet melody to my ears… :laughing:

But youse’alll kip up a good piece o’meat on the barbie…

Freedom Day is this month, April 27.

Quirky, have you ever eaten pofadder wors?

Canadians rule! :canada:
They are undoubtedly the most organised of us foreigners in Taiwan.
Great website & Magazine
Formal organisation (even have “Directors”)
Great activities (think: Halloween & Easter @ The Tavern)
Upcoming Taipei 101 Run/Walk

One of these days they’ll start kicking our butts in Rugby!

Me thinks me countrymen care 'bout nuffing! They’re not even interested in my Website FOR Saffies!:s

A friend who started a bar in Taoyuan City figures that South Africans are cheapskates who (for fun) only BBQ on their balconies because there they can braai the cheap Taiwan beef & pork and drink stuff like “Essential Beer” because it’s the cheapest crap at 711.

My SIX countrymen (OK… GingerMan, you may respond too :smiley:) what do you think of this assertion?

Kuduwors is nga! Rasputin, I liked Rinkals better. It had a bite to it.

Yeah, I’m pretty much a cheapskate… I don’t braai on my balcony though. I looked at the Saffies website but since there were only about 3 posts on the whole forum, skipped it. Most Saffies I’ve met here aren’t really into the whole internet thing much, it seems.

[quote=“TaiwanSaffies”]One of these days they’ll start kicking our butts in Rugby!

Good Grief, thou! You must be talking several centuries down the road! :laughing:
You’ve no idea of the joy and mirth that spreads from sea to sea whenever our soccer or rugby team (most Canucks actually think they’re one and the same) scores at all!

Actually, the few South Afrikans that i’ve actually BBQ’d with have always chosen nice beef cuts from overseas. And they knew their cuts. :hungry:
Even if they did take a long time to cook’em… :sunglasses:

See what I mean! :noway:

Gingerman wrote:[quote]Actually, the few South Afrikans that I’ve actually BBQ’d with have always chosen nice beef cuts from overseas. And they knew their cuts. [/quote]

You must’ve been hangin’ with them larney lots, Bro!

[color=red]That’s just it, isn’t it. Did you even POST anything? [/color]

If everybody’s going to Look, See 3 posts, Skip it, then it really isn’t going to take off, now is it??
There are way too many folks out there who are followers and not leaders, those who needs a real hard kick under the backside in order to get them to do anything!
FYI…The Forum’s getting the boot soon… If it wasn’t for the fact that I actually enjoy setting up and updating the website, I could see the whole caboodle following suit too! :frowning:

Sorry yawl… just my way of venting against my countrymen’s apathy. No wonder there are so many Saffies now living in Maple Leaf Country. :canada:

I’m not joining that site…you are way too bitchy! You can’t force people to do something by making them feel bad or moaning about how cheap they are.

ps. Who, on Forumosa, IS South-African?

That’s entirely your choice, Bru.

Nobody’s forcing anybody or being “bitchy” I was reflecting on:

(1) a comment made by a Taiwanese friend who had tried (in vain) to attract Saffies to his establishment (as Taoyuan City has many of us folk living here)

(2) the apparent apathy that Saffies worldwide are well-known/infamous for.

(3) Lastly, I was hoping to stimulate debate on the above issues, specifically ON TaiwanSaffies.com

You, however, has chosen to do the “blame-the-other-oke-that’s-why-I’m-not-doing-this-or-that” thing, instead of (nudge-nudge-hint-hint)…
chasing The Carrot! But to each his own. Whether you like it or not, Boet… South Africa is now a Democratic Country and I grant you this freedom, back in the days I, and others of my kind, were not given even this “meagre” freedom.

TaiwanSaffies.com is a labor of love as I am a Proud South African who is trying to do something useful for the thousands of my countryfolk here in Taiwan. As such, it will continue even if only my friends and family in the Republic read it!

PS. Long Live Battery Nege (the band) :notworthy: Battery9… I see you are No.7

See what I mean! :noway:

It must have been the ‘see what I mean’ part that made me think that you agree.

Ja, Hyser rocks.