Who REALLY owns this site?

Who are you going to believe? Maoman? What does he know?

What are you on? Can I have some please?

Me too…and no Bogarting!

Definately has a twisted view of reality, Abba is a rock group ? :shock:

It struck me last night as I was reading Henry David Thoreau that when he said

The “board” he was referring to was this–the forumosa.com bulletin board!

Where can you get this? I doubt you would pay the price.

What do you mean where could you get this? Basically you’ll need a few things if you want to start a bulletin board like this one.
First a server. (Could be your own computer or a webhost)
If you want to run it from your box, basically you’ll need a good internet connection. Second a webserver. The mostly used webserver around is APACHE, and it’s also free. You can also use XITAMI web server cause it’s easy to configure. Thats all you’ll need to run a website. But if you want to run a forum like this one, you’ll need a few more.
First you’ll need a database. For PHPBB, i’ll suggest MYSQL.
After that you’ll need to download PHPBB, which is freeware.

Ok i must have left a few things out, but don’ blame me, its 5:30 in the morning, hehe!

Well i guess thats about it :wink: