Who runs Forumosa?

  1. I would like to know who runs the Forumosa?

  2. Who are the moderators here? Is it a panel of multinationals or is it manged by only few privelaged nationalities.

  3. How to delete my account on Forumosa?

Thank you.

You don’t delete. You just walk away.



To delete your account, I think the best is to PM an admin.


Thank you.

As far as I know, none of the moderators have the mange… :face_with_monocle:


Why did you join in the first place?

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Really, but my post got purged. :grin:

Regarding question number 2, did the post by a member gets reviewed by a panel or by a single moderator? Does the member have the chance to seek review on the moderator’s decision?

Also, does anyone know how the moderators are chosen, for how long or is the post held for lifetime and whether moderators are represented by different nationalities (we celebrate democracy and inclusion, isn’t? ).

@jimipresley I joined to share what I think on current affairs, but I realized that’s not what is expected.

If you are not happy with any moderator’s actions, flag it and it will get looked into by the admins and mods. Do not discuss Moderator actions in the forum.


Go to the 3 lines next to the coffee cup, click then press About.

you will get a list of admins and mods

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How to survive Forumosa and have a pleasant experience.

Stay the fuck out of the IP forum.

It has served me well over the past 22 years.



The moderators, et al, are comprised of at least 3 nationalities that I know of, possibly 4.

The few posts I’ve read of yours seem more inflammatory than anything else, so color me surprised. Oh, and I’ve gotten plenty slapped around by the mods here…

What you’re experiencing is called “having standards”


Well, tenderfoot, you seem to get bruised quite easily
If you can’t handle IP, maybe chat forums are not right for you. How about Snapchat?

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How about Instagram? Then we can see pictures of what you had for breakfast!

Why is “moderator” capitalised?

And I don’t see that “rule” anywhere in the “rules”. Maybe The Moderators need to revise The Rules.


What’s IP Forum?

Incongruous Pimps.


Incontinent Priapist Forum.

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Inebriated Pope forum

How does one apply to become a moderator?

you contribute to and survive IP for 3 months without complaining.