Who said renewing your license is a hassle?

Today I went to renew my big bore bike license. I was worried because it was a week overdue and I have less than 365 days left on my ARC. I walk into the DMV in Panchiao, I was expecting to be turned away or having to pay some fine or worse, not getting my license renewed. Went up to the counter, gave my ARC and license to the lady, she puts a stamp on the back of my license, hands my stuff back and says here you go. I was shocked, I asked her if I needed to pay anything. She told me it’s free. Free! I had my license renewed in less than 2 minutes. For anyone wanting to renew their license I highly recommend that you go to the Panchiao DMV. It is located down the street from the Chung-Ho Tax Office on Chung-Shan Road. From now on I’m doing everything on the same day. Renew my ARC at the Panchiao Poice Station, ride down the street to the DMV to renew my license, and then down the street again to do my taxes.

I hate living in Taipei County, but doing stuff here is so easy compare to the bullsh*t red tape that you have to go through in Taipei City. Not once have I been able to renew my ARC or my license without hassle in Taipei City, but never had a problem in Taipei County. They just stamp your stuff and you’re on your way.

I think it’s some bizarre system of take away with one hand and give back with the other.
Richard Hartzell backed the DOTC into a corner with his administrative appeals that won normal expiry licences for several foreigners. So, they turned a weak interpretation into a firm policy of limiting a foreigner’s licence validity to his (her) ARC validity.
I guess they then figured we would start raising hell about the extra expense of buying several licences to reach the normal lifespan of a Taiwanese citizen’s one. So, they made our licences extendable upto the normal Taiwanese validity period and those extensions free of charge in order to take away what they assume would be our primary cause for complaint.
Me, I could give a toss about the few hundred lousy NT$ it used to cost to get a new licence. What I object to is the hassle of getting the extensions either by mail or talking half a day off work (burning up my precious annual leave) just to jump through their stupid burning hoops again. :raspberry:

You do know you can get your licences extended via mail, right?

It’s nice to know that the big-bike license renewal was no hassle. There had been a rumour that foreigners might have to re-test!

Yes, I know you can do it by mail. For the first 4 years here I have been renewing through mail. But because of some delay with my work permit and subsequently renewal of my ARC, I just got my new ARC today. But because my license had already expired, and I couldn’t renew it without a new stamp on my ARC I was worried that mailing it would delay the process even more., Also, this is my first time renewing a big bore license, so I wanted to do it in person, because I had heard you might need to redo the test.

In the past, when I mailed it, I would need to pay $200NT plus cost of mailing, and include a photo, and photocopies of my ARC and license. I’m glad that going in person I didn’t need anything, and I was able to do it in just a few minutes. I’m also glad that in contrast to some rumors, I wasn’t forced to redo the test again, or get a late penalty.

This time I had my licences renwed by post, also no fee.

Really, but did you have to include photo and copies of your license and ARC? Cause in the past they would require $200NT. In the past when I mailed it, they would send me a new card, so I have a collection of them now.

Yes, I had to send copies of my ARC and new photos. IIRC I sent my old licence, but they sent a new one back FOC. Politician’s excuse (I have no clear recollection).