Who sells the cheap tickets to Manila, Philippines?


You could check this guy out.


You could probably get a great deal on Lion Air right now.


Wrong Southeast Asian country.

We don’t all look… oops, wait a second, we do look alike


The days of NT$ 6,000 to 7,000 R/T tickets are back! Just booked my round trip for next week on the Philippine Airlines website yesterday. There were still a couple seats left in SuperSaver Economy Fare, and my total came to under 7,000.


The Indian restaurateur in Xinzhu.:wink:




I know Lion Air is an Indonesian carrier, but I thought they flew all over SE Asia.

Anyway, it was just a bad joke. :man_shrugging:


Just saw that Lion Air actually isn’t only Indonesian! So there could one day be a Philippine branch


Try purchasing your tickets from AirAsia, they provide cheap round trip fare going to the Philippines. I am looking forward to visiting Boracay next year, I find Manila a congested city.


i flew philippine airlines to boracay a few years ago (was coming from shanghai but i remember round trip being ridiculously cheap). also they give you ice cream on the flight which is nice.



Damn, that’s cheap. But how much for a ticket back?