Who the frig am I? In need of a new name

I’m likely to be on forumosa for a while to come.

I appreciate forumosa for the opportunity to take part in true debate, to give and ask for sincere opinions and advice, to facetiously and slyly (and sometimes blatantly) annoy others, and to be Temped.

But I have a problem - I am freethinker and before me there was freethinker83. To avoid confusion in the future (read Nosy Neighbours to understand my fear of being confused with another), I think I will need to ask our revered leaders to allow me a moniker change.

Before I ask for a new handle though, I thought I’d ask for ideas from the forumosan clan that hangs out in the fun and games section.

Give me a name.

Am I mirrorball, whiteflag, boesman, or slicedcheese? I have enough intelligence to think of my own name, but thought I could ask the people I would be hanging out with if they had any ideas. So please post any suitable aliases.

To help your ideas along, here’s my bio: I’m South African, I’ll be 30-ish for the next decade or two, usually win at Scrabble, studied Literature (dissertation was about faggish stuff in Shakespeare), have been in Taiwan for 10 years, have been in a relationship with a man for 7 years (which kinda makes me gay 'cos we are both guys), love true Blood, love Heather Nova, smoke and drink more than should be respected, work at a varsity, fear for the sanity of my religious friends (I’m militantly atheist - but still fond of and friendly to believers). My favorite movies are The Hours, Magnolia, and Dangerous Liaisons.

Bio doesn’t matter that much – just give me a decent name I can live with for twenty or so years. No need for shyness. I’ll just ignore anything uncalled for or uncharacteristic of me.

Any ideas for a name?

I hereby nominate thee: [color=#800000]ThreadKiller[/color]

I have been known to kill threads, but don’t we have some more positive-sounding name?

Threadkiller is actually a pretty cool name. Did you paint your avatar? I really love it.

ThreadKiller sounds cool, but is that my only choice?

Wish I had painted it. Just a cool pic taken at Kaohsiung’s harbour.

ThreadKiller sounds cool, but is that my only choice?[/quote]

Of course not. You could call youself “SecondChoice.” hehe

Or “Alternative.”

Or “NotThreadKiller.”

Or “IHeartJimmyPresley.”

Or “IdeaGarden.”

Or “SacredCow.”

Or “NoneOfTheAbove.”


A “freethinker” that can’t come up with his own name? :astonished:

How about “Pillow Fighter”?

Protea Prince

The Godless Karoo

But seriously, it’s probably best to avoid a user name that gives away your nationality, your preference for willy over boobies, political/religious persuasions or profession. Better with something neutral I think - will let your inner self shine - and folks will be less likely to pre-judge you.

generatorland.com/glgenerator.aspx?id=81 says, “TintiddleMugwump12”

some ideas

tirelesswing.blogspot.com/2009/0 … -to-e.html

godless wokstar

Wu ming

Chewy McTempo, the housejohn preseley

OutofAfrica ?






I think JP is a genius and Threadkiller is superb, Snore is cool too and Petpeeve suits you too.

I nominate ‘Dangling Peaches’.

Thanks DM, but the username generator also says “ContumelySoap” or “MaleficMango52”. :astonished:

I’m glad to hear that! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

There you go! Temped, Scrabble, or KindaGay. Or TrueBlood. They’re all good. :thumbsup: Anyway, whatever you choose, just PM Maoman with it when you’re ready.

Anagrams of…
Just went to an angram generator site:

Some of the choices for Freethinker:
[i]Reefer Think, Keener Firth, Free Rethink, Reef Thinker, Reef Rethink, Fee Err Think, Free Then Irk, Free Her Knit…

“Reef Thinker”[/i] and “Reefer Think” both have potential.
Good luck with your choice.

How about “who the frig am I?”, or “in need of a new name”?


Gave it a think and ThreadKiller it will be. It suggests both malevolence and frivolity, although I think calling JP a genius might be a bit of a stretch, divea.

I appreciate all the suggestions given above.

Although I feel myself to be ThreadKiller, let me just say that Snore does seem apt and that I am quite fond of Dangling Peaches. My favorite anagram was Free Then Irk. Although Iheartjimipresely left me feeling slightly queasy, I would like to thank JP for the new moniker.

I’ll contact maoman soon to see what can be done.