Who thinks the average Foreigner pay in Taipei is NT$187,000 per month

According to this HSBC survey, this is the average pay for foreigners in Taipei. Unless they’re considering an expat as someone that is sent from their home company to Taiwan.

Maybe the average pay is closer to or less than 100,000 per month.

And who thinks the average foreigner pay is more than USD 250,000 in Mumbai?

When you average out Salaries it seems to be weighted towards the higher end.
I would be happy to get that now.
When I arrived here(2010) , I only agreed to stay in Taiwan if the Company would pay me what I was getting in the UK, which was more than this average.
Now times are hard.

Us English teachers are going to knock the average down, but the general expat package is 300k minimum, isn’t it? It sounds about right to me.

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When they say expat salaries, they’re talking about people working for foreign companies on expat packages, not your average foreigner working in Taiwan as a local hire.


What kind of job is hiring for that much in Taiwan?

Expats sent from the home office. Minimum for mid-level is USD100K plus housing and car. Teaching pays shite, unfortunately. Even “other” country Expats pull down USD80K+ housing. They pull the average up.

So they are defining expat as someone sent from their home country and company to come work in Taiwan.

Not someone that comes to Taiwan looking for a job.

No formal definition. “Expat” is used loosely. If you are hired locally then usually referred to as local hire or in-country hire. teachers are rarely referred to as “Expats.” No idea why.

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Like what kind of industry?

That’s what I understand by expat.

I suppose it is specialists in a particular Industry . In the past there were many Companies like Dow/Siemens etc, sending people out here. Quite a few Multi-Nationals based in Taipei , employ Senior Managers/Accountants/Lawyers etc.
I was only asked because the Industry I was in, was new to Taiwan .

Damn 200k is a very nice salary in Taiwan especially if they cover housing and transport and probably flights back home. I’d rather make 200k a month here than a 100k a year in most western countries.

True, 2.4m a year in Taiwan gets you a lot further than 100k a year in a Western country.


There aren’t that many expat packages these days, they prefer to hire locally if they can or not pay housing. Many multinationals in Taiwan have just one or no foreign staff working here.

Also because Taiwan has very few diplomats and finance types that also drags down the pay I’m guessing.


They don’t let just anybody be an expat these days. We had a thread along those lines a while back:

I guess one day there may be a conversation like this:

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The expats refered are obviously not your average foreign folks (teachers, engineers etc.) more likely they’re like general manager of a multinational company hired directly from the head office to head the Taiwan branch of the said company. Of course their packages reaching sky-high compared to other “foreigners”.
Typically they’re 50 year old American executives assign by the HQ here.

You typical engineers are regulated by the minimum 33K (for locally educated Masters degree) to min 48K (for foreign educated masters).
Usually they’re coming from India or Philippines or some parts of Asia.

Of course the migrant workers (maids, factory hands, construction hands) not included here. Their salary regulated differently varied from 17K to 20K a month. They’re exclusively coming from Indonesia, Thailamd, Vietnam and Philippines.

Then the rather different, English teachers. Who paid by the hour. Can’t really fir into the above classifications.
They’re usually coming from an English speaking country whose independence not initiated by colored natives.

Most people in this forum are group #2 and #4. The article hinted aiming at group #1. Nobody give a sh1t about group #3.


Speaking of cows… Some cows moo differently… in different accents and dialects. Some didn’t have the correct passport, education, skills, looks or even skin tones.
They’re cows, alright… but not “that” kind of cows.

The expats they are referring to are not differentiated by color, just by money.

Of course, they’re not.
I am also talking about cows.

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