Who was this Forumosan?



So… I remember that several years ago someone here had a very sexy avatar: an Asian (Japanese? Taiwanese? Korean?) girl doing something silly with her hands, something like counting with her fingers and then showing some cute funny face. She was super hot.

I think that the same user had some actress as avatar prior to that, another sexy girl (this time Westerner) doing something cute with her eyes.

Does anybody have any clue on who and what I’m talking about?



Probably Tommy


Ah, that was me. She was some K-pop star, although i’m definitely not a fan, so I can’t remember who it was.


That makes sense. But for some reason I really thought it was @Gain . I know I was wrong, but I’m thinking now that the user’s name should be closer to that.


well, maybe we’ve both had sexist avatars. I’ve been schooled. Now i just have speciesist ones.

I like your current onee, BTW


Right. So maybe it was you! did you have some super cute actress rolling her eyes before the Asian hottie?


I think you need some bromide in your bubble tea :joy:


Thanks God I don’t drink those!


yes… random grabs from internet gif sites.

be my guest!

and now you’ve changed avatar again. You change that more often than shiadoa changes his underpants in summer




Does discourse allow animated profile GIFs? That… would change everything.


What do you mean?


Yes it was me but I can’t find that avatar again…she was very cute…even got a honorable mention from goose egg

Urodacus? Maybe he had one too

Who knows
Ancient history


Confusing… Please describe your avatars!


Do an image search for “Sunghi Lee milk”. Wasn’t that it?


OK, so maybe I’m mixing memories here… and one of the avatars was @tommy525’s and the other one was @urodacus’. Maybe.

Maybe one of the avatars was not counting with the fingers but making a heart? I remember it was “something” Korean by that time.

But I’m sure that the user I’m talking about, or one of them, also had a super cute American actress rolling eyes (or well, looking left and then right moving the eyes upwards?).


@mad_masala, are you paying copyright/modeling fees to all those people you put up as your avatar?
If not, I’d like to represent them and take a 20% cut.


I pay you 10% if you introduce them to me.


you like cross-eyed girls?
lemme check my files…


One part of her is super interested while the other part is saying Oh lord…