Who was this Forumosan?



6 foot 7?

Doesn’t look like it.





Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! now i think that one was @tommy525’s, but I’m not sure if he also had that other avatar I remember with an American actress doing something cute with her eyes.


So. Nice u found it
That’s the one I put on originally
I don’t recall the American actress one though


If it wasn’t interesting, then I didn’t save it. I have to look throu my files for it. Maybe.




Not Indian, not modern, and I’d even say it was in b&w.

And not a horribly annoying child.


the one blowing a kiss? Captivatingly beautiful she is !


Really beautiful



I want her.


I finally found the Forumosan’s avatar to which you refer. I didn’t write down whose it was, however. Sorry.



Hahaha, good one, but nope.


She looks kinda similar to the one blowing the kiss
I remember her being on here before
Would hAve to come down to personality to decide between the two

Came upon Berkeley cheerleaders and a marching band
Putting on a show at a traffic island

Makes me wish I was 20 and going to Berkeley (so i could join the marching band …of course :slight_smile:) .)