Who will be the next UK prime minister (Conservative leader)

Rishi Sunak candidate photo

Rishi Sunak

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Liz Truss candidate photo

Liz Truss

Foreign Secretary

Sajid Javid candidate photo

Sajid Javid

Former Health Secretary

Nadhim Zahawi candidate photo

Nadhim Zahawi

New Chancellor of the Exchequer

Jeremy Hunt candidate photo

Jeremy Hunt

Member of Parliament

Suella Braverman candidate photo

Suella Braverman

Attorney General

Penny Mordaunt candidate photo

Penny Mordaunt

Minister of State

Ben Wallace candidate photo

Ben Wallace

Defence Secretary

Tom Tugendhat candidate photo

Tom Tugendhat

Member of Parliament

Steve Baker candidate photo

Steve Baker

Member of Parliament

Priti Patel candidate photo

Priti Patel

Home Secretary

Priti Patel would upset the most people, so I hope it’s her. I reckon it’ll be Ben Wallace.

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I heard CNN suggest they think Ben Wallace is odds on favorite, but what with Priti Patel upsetting everyone? Honestly asking because I haven’t been following UK politics that closely.

I don’t know, I didn’t think Boris’s parties weren’t that big a deal and yet, that dragged on and on and became a key factor it seems in his stepping down.

The baldies and receding hairlines have the upper hand, me thinks.

She was the one pushing the scheme to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda. So that upset the left, and she doesn’t act like how the left thing a female ethnic minority should.

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I’m guessing this only applied to illegal immigrants coming from Rwanda right? I’m also guessing this would come after an application for asylum had been rejected?


Any who crossed the channel in the dingy would be sent to Rwanda for processing.


Bloody hellfire, what a choice.

If I were forced to pick one it would be Steve Baker.

Ben Wallace probably wouldn’t be a bad choice, although he strikes me as yet another public schoolboy who’s got where he is via the usual wink and a handshake.

glasses and full head of hair?

Baker seems to be basically honest and a reasonably capable manager. The sort of person who just sits there and gets things done. But maybe that’s not the kind of person the UK needs as PM right now.

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He’s arguably the most right wing of the bunch.

“Right-wing” is a bit subjective these days. I dislike his dismissal of environmental issues, but realistically the PM has little control over those policies anyway. The whole bunch of them are awful, really; it’s just that some of them are more awful than others.


He’s hard Brexit, anti LGBT, born again Christian. He ticks most of the boxes

If he were still available Rory Stewart would be my choice. More moderate. There’s some funny footage on YouTube where he reads Johnson’s school report.


Ohh, yeah, I’ve read a couple of his books. He looks like a nerd, but he’s far from it. He’s hard as nails, very empathetic, and very competent. He also has a lot of experience dealing with clownworld situations, which would stand the next PM in good stead. I’d definitely vote for him if he were in the running. If the public even got a vote.

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With the list of names provided ‘none of the above’ feels like the only reasonable choice.

At a push I’d probably go with Jeremy Hunt, but he won’t win.

She’s also made it legal to send people back to their home country if they commit crimes. Pissed off many many people. Upset a lot of Asian communities.

Also guilty of toxic workplace bullying.

And her biggest crime is she when she speaks leaves the G off the end of words. Bullyin’ Lyin’ Racist.

I’d like to see Nadim, Rishi or Suella get the job. But fat white man, Ben Wallace, will likely win.

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the BBC has a little background on each of the candidates

For Ben Wallace,
" While in the Scots Guards, he is said to have broken the record for the largest ever bill at the bar in the officers’ mess"


They all look a bit shifty to me. Can we see some more options?

Err…Ctrl + F5.

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