Who will be the next UK prime minister (Conservative leader)

You can visit the WEF website and see their list of worldwide gophers. They don’t hide who they have on their roster.

It’s the conflation of WEF membership with the word apparatchick I’m contesting.

You are overestimating how much power a minister has.

Probably by handling policies that actually have nothing to do with their personal health. A health minister would be in charge of stuff like vaccination for children and health insurance for the public, not your diet. America can have a secretary of health looking like a greek god, millions of Americans still wouldn’t be able to afford ambulance rides.

Largely the same situation. Macroeconomics and personal finances are completely unrelated.

I do agree that some positions are intrinsically related to the ministers/secretaries on a more individual level. For example the foreign minister definitely should know English well, the minister of culture/art should have read some books, and the minister of technology probably should know how to use a computer (unlike in Japan lol).

Leading by example is a powerful thing.

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It hasn’t.

Seems like his personal IT security should be enviably hard to crack then.

Then what’s the point in having a health minister? The NHS has a whole raft of interlocking policies which nudge people into … looking like the health minister. We’ve had this conversation elsewhere, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that people are fat and ill because of health policy. Since she clearly doesn’t know this, she’s unlikely to want to change it.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting the government should start mandating what people eat, or taxing this and that. I’m suggesting they should stop spouting bullshit about the causes of obesity, and what you need to do to fix it. Last time I checked, the NHS diet sheet suggested that homemade cake is a ‘healthy snack’. I reckon Coffey is following that sort of advice.

Not really relevant. The NHS admits that 25% of its budget gets flushed down the obesity toilet, so if she has any interest at all in cost-saving, she’d start there. I suspect the true figure is more like 50-70%.

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They’re referring to these types of cakes:



This isn’t really the place to go into the details, but I would urge anyone who’s interested to read the steaming pile of nonsense that is the NHS 12 Week Plan:

There’s a mistake - something that’s outright false - on almost every page. It even contradicts itself: on page 25 it warns about “a parent who urges you to have another slice of their homemade cake”, while on page 37 it advises you to “swap [cake] for a plain currant bun, fruit scone or malt loaf” (what the difference is is anybody’s guess) and helpfully gives you a recipe for, uh, homemade cake.

If Coffey even makes a halfhearted effort to address this elephant in the room, I’ll be extremely surprised.

That’s a wild read. Who are these people that write this stuff? They’re lunatics :laughing:

“Laura’s Diary…keep an eye of the calories…use our calorie counter…”

Counting calories? GTFOH. Doesn’t do any good for one’s mental health.

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That too. It sends people loopy. Some of them end up developing full-blown eating disorders. Obsessing over any medical problem, real or imagined, sends people loopy, as we’ve all seen first-hand.

And the show must go on, because we’ve got a fat health minister.

Last time I was in U.K. 4months ago I lived up North, Northumberland, I come from SE central.
The difference in sizes (fatness) is contagious. I put on 4 kilograms in weight living in Northumberland, the people are enormous, 95% overweight 70%grossly overweight in my reckoning.
SE a lot less in the grossly overweight still large number overweight like me now!
Thankfully I’m losing it in Taiwan.

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Well, that didn’t take long. Seems like Truss has plans in place to get everyone looking as healthy as the health minister:

I’m not a fan of governments taxing food or ‘nudging’ people, but if the tax is in place, exactly what good can be done by wasting even a second of bureaucratic time on removing it?

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From the article:

“She (Truss) is an ardent critic of state intervention to promote healthier lifestyles and has previously said … that the government should not tell people what to eat.”

And yet:

but, the government can force people to take shots to their shoulders. :roll:

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Is there any evidence to suggest a sugar tax does anything?

Or any kind of these “sin” taxes. Do they actually curb alcohol and tobacco use? I’m not even sure. It seems More of a money grab from the government to me.

I doubt that it really does anything useful, although the article suggests it has some modest positive effects. However it’s probably not harming anyone. What I was wondering is this: why, when the country has multiple important problems to deal with, is Truss wasting time trying to figure out how to remove an obscure tax? The only people benefiting would be Coca-cola and their ilk.


As a business owner, this is welcome news. Along with scrapping the NHI increase.

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I think she’s just eyeing lots of tax cuts. It’s really what’s needed for businesses. Our cost of business is rising so much it’s getting hard to not pass it down to our clients.

It’s cutting down our margins after all the tax burdens here. We are starting to ship internationally in October to avoid the awful VAT tax burden and hope it makes up for the crazy increase in cost of everything.

Gotta come from somewhere though! My guess is VAT will go up to 33% - “let the lazy worker consumer pay for it, need to work hard like China m8 export more cheese”

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