Who will represent DPP in '08 Presidential race

Who will represent DPP in '08

  • Frank Xie (Frank Hseih)
  • Anette Lu
  • You Xi Kun (Yu Shyi-kun)
  • Su Zhen Chang (Su Chen-chang )
  • Other

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The other day I found myself seated at a dinner table with one of those political commentators from TVBS. He stated categorically that Annette Lu will be the candidate, but he did not elaborate much on his reasoning. I voted for .

I think maybe Su, but not if they make him premier, because of the high liklihood of having to step down again for some calamity, as premiers are apt to do. In that case, I’d say Frank Hsieh.

Good experience, strong base of support in the south, DPP “heavyweight”, ralying point for DPP members and supporters who dislike CSB, reputation for adopting a conciliatroy stance re China (but not toadying). Just because he’s lost his last job don’t count him out. :noway: :loco:

It’s a long time 'til the next election, so who knows. There was a time not long ago when it seemed Frank Hseih was unstoppable. My pick is Su and for VP is Tsai Ying-wen. But who knows what dark secrets about Su a year in the premier’s office will reveal. My guess is nothing, but I would have said the same thing about Hseih.

Su and Tsai are by far the best combination of candidates. I just cannot see them messing up badly enough to disqualify themselves from candidacy. Even if the DPP do very badly in next year’s legislative elections (as Chen is doing his best to ensure they will) and Su resigns to take the rap, I’m sure it will not weaken his position.

If Lu somehow inveigles her way onto the ticket, expect Ma to win by a landslide rather than just a strong majority.

That’s a good point. Chen came back after losing Taipei to win the presidentcy.

Don’t underestimate Ma’s unpopularity in southern Taiwan. In fact, that’s the major problem the KMT face; running someone who can get even a marginal number of votes in the south.