Who Will Win The Rugby World Cup?

My money is on New Zealand because they aren’t as boring as the English.

Australia - yuck.

South Africa - thugs.

Argentinia - ugly.

America - who?

Canada - too busy defending their ‘American-ness’.

France - 'nuff said.

New Zealand - is there another choice?

Yeah there is, I hear the “All Blacks” are pretty good. Not sure where they’re from but I’m guessing Africa somewhere.

I have this sneaking suspicion that the Aussies have been deliberately playing badly for a long time and will cream the English and New Zealanders if they get the chance. Mind you I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks this.


Huang Guang Chen wrote [quote] I have this sneaking suspicion that the Aussies have been deliberately playing badly for a long time and will cream the English and New Zealanders if they get the chance. Mind you I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks this.[/quote]No you’re not :smiley:

NZ vs Argentina today. 72 vs 7 or something. :laughing:


Bu Lai.

it was vs. Italy.

I guess all the top Italian players had to go back to Oz and NZ.


Just finished watching 3 matches…well…2 and a 1/2…Oz looked pretty lazy, may come out of their Pool but no further…Springboks look very tough…England, NZ and Canada will have to be pretty hard to take them…NZ met a hard hitting Italian squad and crushed them with 11 tries…the first half saw some bone-jarring hits reminiscent of Aussie League play, but NZ is too strong…NZ’s real test comes against Canada…weather patterns predict a freak ice storm to hit Oceania by the middle of next week giving Canada home field advantage as they slip their way into the quarters, sliding their way thru the semis and skating their way to the championship…

[color=red]GO CANADA GO![/color]

I’m actually looking forward to that game. Freakily cold weather doesn’t rattle the kiwis in quite the same way it does the Australians.


The freaky cold weather would have the Auckland players a little worried, but the Kiwi players from Canterbury and all points South will be tough as nails even if it hails golf balls in the middle of the game.

Canada, isn’t that a little like supporting the Taiwanese baseball team in the World Series?

England. By a whisker against the All Blacks in the final. Australia will be able to watch from the stands. I’d like Georgia to do well as they haven’t managed to do anything well since independence. They couldn’t even manage to blow up their own president a few years back. Listen carefully today and you might be able to hear both their supporters singing in Perth this evening.

Would you expect anything less from me? Actually, I have an All Blacks jersey and will be cheering for them to go all the way…but while the Maple Leaf still flies, I will say:

[color=red]I AM CANADIAN[/color]

D’oh. Yah, was NZ vs Italy not Argentina. I’d just thought we were playing Argo and called up my mate to ask “how much did we win by?” and he told me. Anyway, saw some of the game lately, and by all accounts NZ is playing much better than the other teams that have played so far.

Come on Toe, Canada doesn’t stand a chance of winning against NZ. Get some time off work and I’ll watch the game with you at 5:30 this Friday at the Brass Monkey. Anyone else want to come? I’d especially like for some Canadians to come, so I can gloat.


No can do Bu…but Canada is playing Wales in 1 hour…really looking forward to getting a look at our squad…Wales will be an excellent test for us…my gut tells me we’ll get annihilated, but time will tell…

As for NZ looking stronger than anyone…I don’t think so…The Springboks look invincible…hate to say it…but they do…

All and all…there’s gonna be some great Rubgy played…

Toesave. Have a chat with the lads and see if they can’t sort of use their heads as hockey pucks on the kiwi knees.


Bu Lai. Hopefully I’ll be there.


After 40 minutes, I am proud to say

i am canadian

One try, just one try…it’s all I ask for…

I’ve got a resting bet on Wales and the US

A “resting bet”?

Pool A: [color=red]Australia[/color] Argentina Ireland Namibia Romania

Pool B: France [color=red]Scotland[/color] Fiji Japan USA

Pool C: South Africa [color=red]England[/color] Samoa Georgia Uruguay

Pool D: [color=red]New Zealand [/color]Wales Italy Canada Tonga

Red = Pool winner

Final = New Zealand v Australia or New Zealand v England

At the very outside chance South Africa could get into the finals if they beat England and therefore making a NZ v SA final. But I doubt it.

England is going to have a side full of injuries after any battle with Samoa. So, if they end up playing SA after that I predict a SA win.

NZ has no competion in it’s pool so a semi spot is 100%

The same goes for Australia.

Pool B and C are a little uncertain but I will stand by my picks.

NZ wins the final.

I concur with your analysis B-Man


And so it is that the flightfless little birds all flock together. Note the fear of the Sarmowwans!

Mind you the reasoning is strong. England have a tough road, S. Africa too. NZ and Australia have it fairly easy by comparison. I’m still hoping for an Aussie comeback but I’m afraid two players do not a team make. If anything happens to Gregan or Sailor?

Grand final. NZ vs. England with a convincing win by the all blacks . . . coz the poms always fail when they think they just might win. Something in the national character.

I’d like to see a big upset, but it’s just not going to happen.