Who would the prc like to see as president in 2008

we get the world journal in nj, but it covers mostly nyc stuff and hillary is always in there with mostly positive stories. my husband says that’s just cuz she’s local news for them. i don’t have the ability or time to read the world journal cover to cover, but it seems i remember lots of pro-shi ming deh coverage, which leads me to believe they are pro-kmt. anyone out there who reads the prc papers have a sense who the prc leaders would like to see as the next us president? my guess is clinton.

Hu Jintao. Pres of the People’s Republic of the Whole World.

Whoever is the most gullible.

CSB. That would suit them fine. He makes the Provincial Governor of Dingdong Province look like an international statesman. Another four years of that twerp and the CCP is laughing.